The DGAF Mom



Don't. Give. A. Fuck.

I spent my first few precious years as a new mom trying to be perfect at motherhood, at being a working mom, at being a wife, at balancing all of it. I tried to spin all the plates, wear all the hats, and make it look effortless and simultaneously totally doable. 


This blog was the result of a tearful wakeup call. I simply ran out of fucks to give and realized that it's not possible to be perfect at anything and I've come to accept myself as a perfectly imperfect person. 

The work on this blog is dedicated to all the actual fucks I have to give in this journey of motherhood. Of being a working mom. Of being a writer. Of being a woman. Of being a wife. And also some valuable lessons I've experienced along the way. Thanks for sharing it with me. 

I have two boys ages three and one who constantly charm me with their wit and never-ending questions and I'm a very lucky wife to my husband of four years who keeps us grounded and supports my dreams of picking and choosing the fucks I have to give. 


Wanna tell me about something you just don't give a fuck about? Send me an Email!