How To Get Your Toddler To Try New Foods

Luckily, so far, we’ve been able to encourage a bit of foodie experimentalism with our toddlers.  Some of this is just because we’re stubborn AF when it comes to food, and we like what we like, and we want what we want. But a lot of it is through sheer perseverance and a commitment to wanting to raise the kind of kids who could eventually, have dinner at a friend’s house and be willing to try a new, potentially very unusual meal without complaint.

8 Ways to Be a More Efficient Working Mom

Being a working mom is a great balancing act that requires planning, organization, and follow through. Or not. Because the truth is as a working mom with young kids, odds are you’re just surviving as best as you can on as little sleep as you can muster and eating the food scraps of your toddler’s chicken nugget dinner. It’s time to simplify your working mom life though.