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8 Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts for the Busy Mom

8 Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts for the Busy Mom

Uh Oh. You just read this headline and realized that Mother's Day is like...next week? Because it is. It totally is. And if you're reading this, then odds are solid you haven't bought a gift yet. Or even thought about a gift yet. Lucky you, I've got you covered.

It’s tricky business trying to buy something for the love of your life (or your mom) that you know she will love, but that you also know says something like, “You’re an amazing Mom,” or even simply, “ Thank you.”

The pressure can be monumental to get it JUST right. Which is why I’m here to say, it’s cool. You may not nail this one.

You may not nail any of them, for that matter. She knows you love her though. And she knows that your thought and time and energy that went into figuring this out (I mean you're reading a blog post to get ideas, so that's something) is probably worth noting.

Although jewelry is also nice sometimes.

Some of the links below contain affiliate linking, which means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. You can read my full disclosure policy here

  Some of the links below contain affiliate linking, which means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. You can read my full  disclosure policy here . 

Some of the links below contain affiliate linking, which means that at no extra cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. You can read my full disclosure policy here

In the meantime, here are some ideas to get your juices flowing. As a bonus, I tried to include items on this list that don't require you to leave your couch to order, confirm, and have delivered.

You’re welcome.

Yes, you will likely need to present the gift in some sort of beautiful card or packaging, but that's on you. I can only point you to the present, and you gotta make it sparkle.

1. Stitch Fix /Le Tote - Subscription Clothes Boxes

As a working momma, these subscriptions are seriously amazing. One bit of warning though. If the mother of your children loves shopping, and I mean spending hours walking the aisles of the store, trying on clothes, and shopping online for the exact right pair of booties, this may not be the right gift.

However, if she is the one continually staring at her closet in the morning muttering something like, "Ugh! I hate everything! I hate my clothes! I have nothing to wear!!" Then a Stitch Fix or Le Tote subscription box is probably a jackpot gift.

How it works:

They are similar in that both box subscriptions send you clothes monthly, quarterly, or yearly. You usually get about five items that you can try on and decide if you want to wear. With Stitch fix, you pay for what you keep. You own the clothes. I've been using Stitch Fix for two years now, and even ordered clothes from them while I was pregnant with Sam because they have a maternity line!

With Le Tote, you rent the clothes, wear them, don't even have to wash them and send them back in a pre-stamped bag. Le Tote is a big deal for working moms who also don't want to have to do extra laundry, just sayin.

And Le Tote can be a great way to supplement your wardrobe around special events or seasonal items that can often be too pricey to purchase on your own. 

2. Blue Apron

Odds are at some point this year the mother of your offspring (or your mom) has likely stood in front of the refrigerator or pantry and said something. I don't know, like, "What the FUCK are we going to eat tonight?"

If this sounds familiar then perhaps a Blue Apron subscription is an option.

How It Works:

You select either two or three meals per week, and chose from their ever-expanding menu (that never repeats in 365 days) and voila. On a designated day, the exact ingredients are delivered to your doorstep along with step by step instructions.

Pro tip: When you’re choosing the meals for the week, try to stick to the ones that take less than 45 minutes to prepare. A big complaint I’ve heard about Blue Apron is that the directions can be overly complicated, and trust and believe, they can. (#Theovenbakedparmesanchickendebacle #butitWASyummy.)


I also find that overall it ends up saving us money on groceries for the month because we don’t tend to over-buy for other meals or other items.

With our family of four, we usually have enough leftovers for either my hubby or me to take for lunch the next day. (Yes I have toddlers, but my oldest currently eats more than I do and ya'll. I love food.)

It's also super kid-friendly, and the variety encourages our kids to try new things. You can click here to sign up and give it a try.

3. Have the Kids Make Her Something

Yes, this requires you going to a place like Michaels to find some sort of craft that you can oversee the creation of in a few days. A few lucky partners will excel in this. My hubby? He was a natural at making these bracelets for me for Christmas, and it is easily my favorite gift that I may have ever received.

Check out these crafty ideas from Nontoygifts.com

Pinterest has a lot of excellent other DIY gifts that you can do. 

Leg of the newborn in the hands of mother

4. Have the Kids Pick Out Something

It's up to them! Surprise her with something they think she'd like. Every year my husband gets me flowers for Mother's day, and the past two years, he's had the boys help him pick them out.

I love this little tradition, and I love that he is teaching them the subtle art of choosing a gift for their mom.

5. Speaking of, Have Flowers Delivered

Everybody needs flowers. Even the people who say, “Meh. Flowers.” These are the people who need flowers the most.

Also, I don't understand these people that say flowers are a waste of money.
Here’s what you get when you buy fresh flowers: You get pure colorful sweet smelling joy.

Sure, flowers don’t last forever. But that’s the point. To enjoy them while they are here. Fresh flowers are a meditative experience that forces you to live in the present. Those flowers may only last a few days, a few weeks if you’re lucky. Enjoy them every fucking day that you have them, I say.

Even better! Get real Montessori and talk to your children about flowers: How they’ve changed, which ones are blooming, which ones are losing petals, teach your children to change the water and cut the stems.

I buy my own flowers almost every single week both because I just love having fresh flowers, and also because I love having something beautiful in my house that isn’t covered in dirt and mud from outside, that isn’t some unidentified sticky object, that isn’t leftover mac n cheese, dog hair, or cupcake crumbs.

Fresh flowers make me feel alive and beautiful.

Unless your significant other has explicitly said something like, "Yeah, I'd really prefer if you didn't buy me flowers," Please. Please waste your money on flowers. Flowers are beautiful, and they brighten any room especially on a day that is a celebration all about and for your baby momma.

6. Pictures of Her Babies!

These sweet babies of hers lived for nine months inside her body, and no matter how big of a tantrum they can throw the moment they fall asleep she misses them.

Consider a keepsake that she can either bring with her to work, keep in her car, or wear. Shutterfly has some fantastic sales on gifts for mom that are sure to bring the waterworks.

7. An Original One Of A Kind Item

There are SO many cute things on Etsy or Amazon that are 100% original and 100% unique, just like your boo.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin, I suggest checking out Home Grown Ceramics, an LA-based pottery company that makes 100% original pieces and sells them on Etsy. I'm a huge fan of their chunky coffee mugs that make me want to actually reheat my coffee and drink it as quickly as I can while it's actually hot.

Also because this is the DGAF Mom Blog, I’m kind of into this gift package here. And if you click it, you and I can laugh at the inside joke of it all.

8. Sleep. No Seriously.

The gift that all mothers want more than anything else. Perhaps you can even throw in an offer to fold and put away all of the laundry to really get her feeling appreciated and like everything is gonna be A-okay this Mother’s day.

Pro tip:  Don't let Mother's Day be the ONLY day she gets to sleep in. Surprising her randomly here and there will be a gift that keeps on giving (and gives her rest, which makes her feel amazing.)

My list not cutting it? What else ya got? Comment below.

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