This Target Hack Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars

Odds are you’ve been like me at some point in your life, where a trip to Target conjures images of a utopia away from home where floor to ceiling beautiful things exists for you to buy. And if you’re lucky enough to go to Target without your children in tow, then it can feel like an actual vacation. Get yourself a Starbucks coffee, pick up that prescription you needed to get filled, and then just wander.

Wander to your heart's desire.

Target Shopping Carts

Unfortunately, all that lovely delicious wandering adds up. By the time you get to the check out you quickly realize this is going to be another one of THOSE trips. When you end up dropping a cool $150 on what? What the fuck did you actually buy anyway? 

Lately, knowing how hard it is for me to resist impulse shopping, particularly at Target, particularly while the boys are in school, particularly when I’m writing from home and have my own set schedule… I’ve started to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Target.

I can’t simply run in and get one thing. Because whoever designed this store was a fucking genius who also knows how to pull a mom’s brain strings, and also purse strings.

Until I figured out a very simple hack to survive going to Target and ONLY LEAVE WITH THE THING I SAID I WAS GOING TO BUY!

I know what you're thinking. Impossible. This is some voodoo. This can’t happen. They even have cute things in the check out lanes, so there’s no way this can happen.

It's so simple it's almost stupid.

Now don’t let me dissuade you from your leisure trips to Target when a good wander is just what the doctor ordered. There’s no reason you shouldn’t treat yo-self. Unless yo-self has been put on a pretty significant budget that has no room for extra table runners, or to-go coffee mugs, or a new sports bra because you always need more sports bras, duh!

If you’re ready to live that Target vacation then stop reading. You don’t need my help. You need to get your legging-clad self to Target and enjoy your time.

But if you’re feeling a pinch in the bank here’s my hack:

Make an appointment that you MUST go to.

Go to Target with anywhere between 20 – 30 minutes before you have to be at the appointment (give or take driving time of course.)

Visiting a friend who had a new baby? Go to Target 30 minutes before you’re supposed to head over. You’ll quickly grab the thing you need, find the likely empty self-checkout stand, and zip out of there in 20 minutes.

You don't need a cart. You don't even need a hand basket and now suddenly free of the hindrance of the extra paraphernalia, and place to put things you don't actually need, you can bob and weave through the slow wandering crowds like a pro.  You're on a mission. 

Have a doctors appointment? Plan a Target trip to coincide just before you need to arrive. Even better if the doctor's office is super close. You’ll be able to make the time at Target even shorter (10? 15 minutes?)

Ticking Clock

Please note this only works if you have one, maybe two specific items to purchase. If you're looking at a longer list, then sorry, you're on your own, sister. 

Give it a try. Your soul may be a bit sad but your bank account will thank you.