Master Inn Restaurant in Valencia: A Review!

This post was sponsored by Master Inn Restaurant, who compensated me for my honest opinion. The opinions reflected in this article are entirely my own. 

My second son was born two years ago a few days before Mother’s Day. It seems he will always share his birthday with this holiday meant to celebrate his momma. Because of this, celebrating Mother’s Day sort of sneaks up on us. We’re so focused on our littlest man that we eventually have an “uh oh” moment at some point in the week before Mother’s Day where my husband and I scramble to figure out what we’re going to do this year.

Okay, let’s be honest, where my hubby scrambles to figure out what to do but takes my suggestions and preferences into heavy consideration in all that scrambling.

Thankfully, Master Inn Restaurant in Santa Clarita invited me to check out their Mother’s Day lunch special to possibly add it to our list of last minute options. And I’m so glad they did!

I invited my mom friend Rachel to tag along for the recon mission. She’s heading out of town this weekend for a wedding so she won’t get to experience a “treat” lunch for Mother’s Day until they return. Also, she loves a good classic Chinese meal (or in this case, classic Chinese Fusion) so I figure she’s an excellent choice to join me for this assessment.

Master Inn Restaurant

Master Inn opened about four months ago in the shopping plaza near Eggs N Things and the Paseo Club. Their food focuses on a mixture of Chinese Fusion recipes that have been two decades in the making. It includes some classic American style Chinese favorites like Orange Chicken and Mongolian Beef.

The fusion of the menu is evident when you read other items such as sweet potato fries, and Borscht soup (a traditional Russian style beef vegetable soup). In fact, I’m later told that the Russian cuisine and cultural influence is rather significant in China due to the proximity of the two countries.  

Family Friendly

The ambiance is modern and clean, and it’s a great open floor plan.

They also have ample high chairs and kid-friendly options on the menu including my boys’ OG favorite: Chicken Teriyaki. Although I’m pretty sure they would also love the beef broccoli as they’ve both been on a broccoli kick lately and I want to honor this exciting development.  

This bar has potential....

This bar has potential....

The Drinks

The drink menu includes a solid variety of Thai Boba teas as well as Chinese hot teas, and they also sell beer and sake which I imagine being a nice compliment to the food. (Although on the day I went, I stuck with the tea. Shocking, I know.)

Just the fact that they sell beer and sake AND a caffeine option make this place aces in my book to bring the kids for a meal. #momlife

Rachel and I both ordered the Classic Milk Tea with boba, which is a lightly sweetened tea.  I’m told the other teas on the menu are pretty sweet as well but that they can be adjusted if you’d prefer.  

Mmm. Boba Tea.

Mmm. Boba Tea.

I ordered the Borscht and Rachel ordered the Corn Egg Drop soup so we could try a little of both. And ya’ll. Dayum. I don’t typically like Egg Drop soup. There’s something about the consistency and texture that puts me off, but this version was sooooo yummy. The same goes for the Borscht. It was hearty and also savory. It’s the kind of soup I can see myself ordering when I’ve come down with a cold and don’t want to cook but need SOMETHING comforting and hot and delicious.

L: Borscht soup R: Corn Egg Drop Soup

L: Borscht soup R: Corn Egg Drop Soup

Then the food arrives, and it tastes just about as beautiful as it looks. And also holy smokes the portions are insane.

The Beef Broccoli is cooked perfectly. The broccoli is al dente, and the marinade and slice of the beef were superb. The Braised Tofu was savory and slightly sweet and delicious!

Rachel who conspiratorially confesses that she’s not typically a big fan of tofu dishes told me it was delicious as well! 

She also tells me that the Spicy Orange Chicken is definitely spicy and I’m probably not going to like it, but she assures me it’s really good.

We both try the Kung Pao Chicken, and it’s got a kick at the end that doesn’t take away from all the flavors. Even though it’s topped with some hot chili peppers, it’s rather more sweet than spicy, and I appreciate how they thread the needle with this one.

Mother’s Day at Master Inn

It may not seem at first like an obvious choice to head to a Chinese Fusion restaurant this Mother’s Day. The standard favorite is brunch or Sunday dinner with traditional family favorites.

But there’s something about the comforting flavor of these dishes, the welcoming modern ambiance, and the family-friendly atmosphere that suddenly puts it at the top of our list. Oh also, Mom’s eat free on Mother’s Day. (Yasss!) In fact, they have two options to celebrate the moms in your family:

Buy one, Get one Free from the Mother’s Day Lunch menu (This does not include beverages, and no coupons can be applied on this promotion).

Get at $15 Gift Card (for future purchase) with your $50 dinner purchase on mother’s day.


Even if you can’t make it to Mother’s Day this year, Master Inn is worth checking out. The price is right too, most of the dishes were between $8 - $11 and the portions are ample enough for leftovers.  

They also have a student menu that is insane: $5 for many of their most popular dishes.

All in all, it was a pleasant and welcome surprise to find a solid Asian food restaurant in the SCV. I’m pretty sure this is going to be our new go-to for when we’re craving Chinese food be it Mother’s Day, or beyond.