Instacart: Save Time and Money Shopping With This One App You Need to Have

Yes, you can bang out your grocery shopping without even having to put on a bra (or wash your hair). Out of wine? No problem, Instacart has you on that one. No more diapers? It’s cool. Instacart can drop some off probably within the hour. Instacart is like having a really thoughtful on-call-BFF who can deliver some of the things you need most as a mom. Except for free childcare. Sorry.

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Instacart is my new favorite mom life hack that has kept me on top of our grocery shopping list,  while simultaneously giving me more time to write and finish my work. Plus it ends up saving me money because I’m not wandering the aisles tossing random shit into my cart. I stick with my list (for the most part) and all the shopping is done in the convenience of my home or in the parking lot at school or waiting for soccer to be done.

Instacart is THE ULTIMATE in time-saving multitasking goodness.

What is Instacart?

Instacart is an app that has teamed up with many of the most popular grocery stores. Locally, for me, this includes Ralphs, Albertsons, Vons, Costco, Smart and Final, and more.

Instacart charges a flat delivery fee (usually contingent on the popularity of the time you’re requesting delivery). Every time I’ve ordered, however, it’s been a flat rate of $5.99 to have my groceries FUCKING DELIVERED TO MY FUCKING HOUSE!?

Just let that sit in for a hot sec because you can TOTALLY have a couple glasses of wine with your hubby after the kids have gone to bed and realize that you also need ice cream and pirates booty (and diapers) and still get them delivered within two hours without having to drive anywhere.

We live in some of the best of times when you can get nearly anything delivered to your house these days. Clearly.

You can even get CVS and Petco to deliver what you need.

How to Use Instacart

The ap is relatively user-friendly including the ability to switch between your favorite grocery store, while simultaneously keeping the items you need in your cart.

They also show you coupons and deals for the store you’re currently shopping in which is super helpful (and time-saving)!

They’ll ask you to enter a few specific details and set up a password. You won’t need to put your credit card information in until you’ve selected confirm.

Most stores require a minimum of about $10 to order, so it’s best if you’ve got more than a few things to get on your list.


The Downside to Instacart

If you’re a control freak and you need to examine every strawberry in a carton or want to weigh exactly all of the heads of broccoli, this may not be for you.

My husband hates using this program because he prefers to see what he’s putting in his cart and having that choice. Lucky for me, I’m the one who does the bulk of the shopping in this family. And sometimes he’s pleasantly surprised at what the staff picked for him.

In fact last night he was chopping broccoli and said, “Damn, these are perfect! This is from Instacart?”

He chose right when he married me.  


When Can You Use Instacart?

As long as your favorite grocery store is open, you can use Instacart. And if you place an order while it’s closed, they will likely schedule it for within the two hours after it opens the next day.

All of the sales and coupons from your local grocery store are also reflected in the app. In fact, you can even search by biggest savings to see who has the best deals currently and choose which store to shop from that way.

Instacart has can sort stores by biggest savings

Look, in the time it took you to read this review and this post, you could have been ordering your groceries. While I love that you stuck it out this long, what are you waiting for? Like. For real?

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Give Instacart a Try to shop for groceries and Free time in your busy schedule for other things.