Blue Apron Review: Take What's for Dinner off of the To- Do List + $50 Off Coupon!

I’m not so shy about discussing my hatred for meal planning. I hated it enough that I went ahead and figured out how to make a meal plan that was so seamless and easy that I barely even have to think about it (except for about twenty to thirty minutes at the beginning of the month). But, even with all this help, and all this excitement over finding new recipes I also need a break from thinking about what is for dinner sometimes. Enter Blue Apron for an easy to use meal planning tool.  

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Blue Apron Meal Delivery Service

For those of you who have never heard of meal delivery services, Blue Apron is one of the oldest (and most available nationwide). Blue Apron started in 2012 and quickly became a $2 billion start-up within three years which is pretty dang impressive.

Blue Apron promises delivery of organic and sustainable ingredients to your house so you can make healthy, delicious, and easy recipes without having to shop for ingredients or figure out what the fuck is for dinner.

The average plan consists of two meals per week that have all the ingredients selected and packaged along with a handy (and somewhat beautiful) recipe card delivered to your door with tons of packaging to keep the food fresh.

The Blue Apron Recipe Cards are as gorgeous as the meals!

They also encourage that you recycle everything that is within the packaging material (which was a big deal for me initially).

The bonus is that you can select what you’d like to eat out of several choices of meals up to about four or five weeks in advance. And they’re constantly refreshing the meal choices. And nothing is repeated within the year.

If you know me then you know I love variety and I believe that’s a big reason why my toddlers will try new foods.


Why I Love Blue Apron

It really comes down to simple math when it comes to choosing to spend an extra $70 a week on a service like Blue Apron:

  • There are seven days in a week.

  • There are two days that I don’t have to ask myself “What the Fuck Are we having for dinner tonight?”

  • I only have to “plan” for five other nights in a week.

Five is more manageable to me. Two of them will be easy-to-prep and cook Instant Pot dinners. Two of them will be something easy like my favorite Change your Life Chicken dish. And one night is a toss-up?

Order pizza? Go out to eat? Pick up El Pollo Loco on the way home?

This coupled with my meal planner has made planning and cooking and eating dinner joyful again. (What mom have you ever met who has ever said that?)


Blue Apron Hacks Ingredient Shopping

How many times have you tried out a new recipe and end up with an entire cabbage, or have to buy a spice that you’ll never ever use again?  Or a marinade or a sauce that you use one tablespoon of and then watch as it sits for months in the door of your fridge and turns all moldy and nasty because what the fuck was that spice used for again?

When it comes to some of the more specific spices, Blue Apron provides exactly what you need for your recipe. Nothing more, nothing less.

I love this so much!

It is assumed that you have olive oil, and salt and pepper, and basic cooking gear like pots, pans, and baking dishes, but most other spices and condiments (including butter) are often included.

They will also give you the exact amount of vegetables that you need: Need two stalks of celery? That’s all they give you. Nothing more. Nothing less. YAY.

Blue Apron is Making It Even Easier!

One of the biggest complaints that people who tried Blue Apron had originally was that the meals were overly complicated and took way longer to make.

I don’t disagree. I tried to look at the recipes to see how long they would take or how many steps were involved before I picked them. Some of them would cause us to end up using every single fucking pot in our arsenal of pots and pans and that was a pain in the ass.

But Blue Apron listened and created a litany of recipes that can be made in 20 minutes or less, and take far fewer steps to create. Almost all of their meals are also super kid friendly too. Just be sure to note if something is “spicy.” Hot tip: we would just hold off on adding the spices until after everything was cooked and then toss a bit in for flavor in our dishes (and not the kids).

Blue Apron Wines

If you’re not taking advantage of Blue Apron Wines then this is another service that you should seriously consider. Yes, it can come off as a bit...idk, bougie? The idea of “pairing” your wine with your food, particularly while juggling a baby, or a toddler who’s potty training, you may not really ever get to eat your food when it’s hot, or sit and “enjoy” the pairings that they provide.

My hubby and I enjoy it because it opens up a slew of new tastes and wines for us to try WHILE WE ARE COOKING! Oh, Hey!

Sometimes there’s enough to try with the food, and yes, it definitely makes the wine taste better and the wine makes the food taste better which is how it’s meant to be.

When we open up our own wine bottles I seem to always forget to put them away at the end of the night (living my best life buzz there I guess?). I’ve found that the smaller sizes are perfect for drinking, just enough to take the edge off, but not so much that you’re driving the struggle bus the next morning. And you’re also not as inclined to waste the rest of it because...well there is no rest of it.

I guess that kind of sucks too if we’re being honest BUT I like having wine delivered to my house just as much as the next guy.

Download the Blue Apron Ap

It’s almost too easy to download the app and select your meals this way. You can also conveniently pause a delivery, or change the order frequency or amount. They also have a cute little store that allows you to purchase additional cookware and often have sales and discounts.

Variety is the Spice of Life

There are so many dishes we’ve tried since we began cooking with Blue Apron that I would never have tried ever in my life, had it not been for the service.

Both my husband and I have also learned a ton of new cooking tips and tricks that we had heard of before, but never had a reason to utilize (like creating a rou or making a demi glaze!) The other night I even made a creme for our fish tacos based off of memory from a Blue Apron recipe (and everyone loved it)!

It makes us feel like fancay chefs when really, we’re just buzzed exhausted parents.

Make it Fun With Your Family

I’m a big believer in turning everyday activities into teaching and fun opportunities and cooking with Blue Apron is no exception. I love being able to have the boys belly up to the counter and help me mix sauces or stir up veggies in a bowl to sit and marinade. And it feeds their need for sensory exploration.

For my husband and I, cooking together has always been something we love to do. And it becomes a little moment of connection where we can talk, drink a glass of wine, and do something we love to do.


Alright, Enough of this, DGAF Mom, Where Do I Sign Up??

Okay, okay! Here you go. Use this link and you’ll save $50 on your first shipment.

Make sure to share this link below on Pinterest or Facebook and let me know how you’re liking Blue Apron!

Blue Apron can save you time and money and make figuring out what's for dinner so much easier