17 More Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner Ideas (Because You Can Never Have Enough)

Chicken sheet pan dinner ideas are a dime a dozen it seems like. Or are they? Because in creating one of my more popular posts (Don’t Give a (Sheet) What’s for Dinner? Sheet Pan Dinner Ideas ), I found that there is an abundance of chicken sheet pan recipes.

And for good reason! Chicken is one of the most popular and readily available proteins.

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It tends to be a blank slate when it comes to cooking and can absorb and change the flavor profile by simply changing the seasoning or sauce or method of cooking. Chicken sheet pan dinners tend to skew healthy and kid-friendly, and oh by the way completely budget-friendly!

When it comes to tossing together a dinner for those nights when you cannot DEAL with another thing on your to-do list, throwing some chicken and some veggies on a sheet pan is a strategic move guaranteed to fill your belly and keep the hangry masses at bay!

In my initial request from fellow bloggers and recipe mavens for sheet pan chicken dinner ideas, I received so many that it made sense to peel a few choices for easy chicken dinner ideas and throw them into a different post.

(Of course, I’m referring to the Don’t Give a Sheet Pan What’s For Dinner post)

This list is smaller than my other sheet pan dinner post, for good reason. Consider it an intro into sheet pan dinner life.

Looking at a list of 17 sheet pan chicken dinner ideas is a lot easier than a list of 71! For starters.

But it also gives you a chance to see the variety of ways you can throw together an oven bake sheet pan dinner by simply mixing/matching/sorting/adjusting the seasoning or vegetables or sauces you combine.

This really is one of the easiest things to make and gives you the most bang for your buck when it comes to all the things you need in your life to feel like you’re making shit happen.

Supplies Needed for Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner Success!

Spoiler alert, you’re gonna need some sheet pans. Or baking sheets. Or oven pans. Or whatever you wanna call them but you need them in you’re life because that’s the whole thing about making these easy dinners.


Here are some awesome options for sheet pans that seem to get the job done, are easy to clean, and oh, by the way, aren’t going to break the bank.

This set of three is awesome because it comes with a Silpat and the variety of sizes is perfect for if you’d like to make more veggies, or extra veggies, or leftovers. Speaking of leftovers, I’ll leave with you here a lot of recipes for leftover chicken breast and more should you want to save this for later! Spoiler: we think you’d want to. 😉

This is another solid option of a few different choices of sheet pans:

And here are some must-have cooking accouterments to help make this whole thing even easier. You’ll benefit from either a Silpat or heavy-duty aluminum foil for easy cleaning and quick/baking.

How To Save Your Recipes?

Those of you familiar with my blog know that when it comes to figuring out ways to save time and maximize productivity, I live for it.

You can save these recipes to Pinterest, book-mark-em, or even just collect them in an excel spreadsheet if you’re super organized like that.

Or you can use Trello to save your recipes.

What the fuck is Trello?

Trello is like a digital bulletin board with post-it notes.

It’s a way of organizing ideas, project management, or to-do lists for teams or individuals. I use Trello for everything for this blog, for keeping tabs on Christmas gift ideas for my kids

With the aid of easy Chrome extensions and a few other hacks I figured out, I can quickly create a week of meal ideas, a shopping list (with all the ingredients I usually buy along with all the stuff I need for these new Chicken sheet pan recipes) in about 10 minutes.

With the aid of Instacart, my shopping is done in about 30 minutes for the week and I can get back to whatever it is we’re doing this day in a pandemic.

You can learn more about how I meal plan with Trello and Meal Plan Like a Lazy Bitch.

Or you can download this editable and printable meal planner template here.

Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery list $3.99

Let’s get into some of these chicken sheet pan dinners okay?

Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner Recipes and Ideas

Sheet Pan Balsamic Chicken and Vegetables

Balsamic chicken and vegetables cooked on the sheet pan is so easy and so flavorful and includes some of my favorite tastes.

One Pan Ranch Chicken and Vegetables
Ranch + Chicken+ Veggies (including potatoes) and this is a recipe fit for a busy weekend night to keep you satisfied while pleasing your wallet, your palet, and your need to get dinner done while juggling all the things.

Weight Watchers One Pan Chicken Teriyaki
I don’t know how it is in your family, but my son literally has a running list of his “7 favorite chickens” that rotate depending on the type of chicken we’ve served with a few always remaining at the top.

Teriyaki chicken is one of those dishes that keeps moving its way further and further up the list. It’s savory and sweet and is so easy to pair with rice or noodles or even some bread.

Sheet Pan Cashew Chicken
My kids love this dish (they happen to love cashews) so it’s a fun bit of savory chicken plus delicious crunch. And I just love this picture so much!

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

Sheet pan fajitas are one of the easiest and most rewarding dinners to make on a sheet pan. If you buy the pre-sliced veggies and chicken from your butcher, the whole thing becomes even faster.

Sheet Pan Chicken with Potatoes

Chicken and potatoes is a staple in our house. Cheap, delicious, easy and so filling! We love the flavor combination and the comfort factor of this dish. The crispy skin and the delicious rosemary are always a winning mix.

Proscuitto Wrapped Sheet Pan Chicken

You haven’t lived until you’ve wrapped chicken in prosciutto. Think of it as bacon’s thinner, more flavorful cousin.

One-Pot Spanish Chicken

I’m really into the olives in this dish. When we’re cooking fast we want it to be healthy and super flavorful and olives give that salty punch that provides so much flavor. Combined with the red onions and crispy chicken, this is an awesome flavor-alternative when you’re sick of figuring out what to make for dinner.

Barbecue Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

Barbecue chicken on a sheet pan is an awesome alternative for when you want a bunch of leftovers. Turn them into sandwiches, serve it as a pasta salad, even toss it into an actual salad with some delicious ranch dressing. This is a great sheet pan dinner that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Sheet Pan Peanut Curry Chicken Bake

Curry sheet pan chicken bake? Before seeing this recipe I legit had NEVER thought to make curry on a sheet pan, but it’s genius and seriously going on my Lazy Bitch meal planner template right now!

Baked Teryaki Sheet Pan Chicken

Peppers, zucchini, broccoli, chicken, a savory teriyaki sauce make this chicken sheet pan dinner an easy and delicious winning combination.

Sheet Pan Greek Chicken

Greek Chicken on a sheet pan is so full of flavor and has so many combinations. Add some homemade or storebought tzatziki sauce and you’re really set for a weeknight hero.

Italian Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner

It’s all about the seasoning in this sheet pan chicken dinner recipe. Seasonings and butter.

20 Minute Chili-Lime Chicken Sheet Pan Fajitas

This is a super fast and fantastic flavor combination. the chili provides a small bit of heat (use a bit less if you’re feeding littles with this).

Jalapeno-Lime Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner

And combining the jalapeno-lime flavors in this sheet pan chicken bake with potatoes and string beans is kind of genius. It’s all the flavors you may have seen except the jalapeno kicks it up a notch.

Again, if it is time to get organized with what you’re making for dinner this week, check out this meal planner that you can edit and print for only $3.99.

Or you can download this editable and printable meal planner template here.

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Looking for more sheet pan dinner ideas? Be sure to check out this post.

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