CoSchedule Review - The Social Media Scheduling Tool You Need

When I started the DGAF Mom a few years ago, it was meant to be a creative outlet for me to express all my thoughts and feelings about parenthood, which I was finding increasingly necessary to survive.

Over the past year, I’ve shifted my focus to turn my hobby blog into a professional business and promoting the blog on several social channels and building brand recognition.

I was totally and completely overwhelmed, so much so that at times I couldn’t even go onto Facebook or Instagram for FUN anymore.

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I’d shut down my entire social strategy so I could take a break, regroup, and figure out a new way to do it that also maximized my time and energy: That is until I found Coschedule

If you’re a blogger or freelance writer or use any marketing software to promote your business odds are good, you’ve seen CoSchedule mentioned in passing Facebook comments for being a one-stop shop to check out potential headline options.

They have a helpful ranking tool and tips for crafting headlines that appeal to the marketing genius in all of us.

But this is just the beginning of their genius.

CoSchedule - The #1 Marketing Calendar

What is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is a fully functioning social media marketing command center and home base that anyone can use to build and maintain brand awareness.

Large companies with multiple campaigns can quickly organize their strategy, chat about next steps, assign specific tasks and check shit off the list before publishing a campaign to all four platforms.

Small, one-woman-solo-preneurs like me, (oh heyyy) can maximize the same benefits as the big wigs and save loads of time and energy churning out original social content.

If you have a business facebook account, a business Instagram, a Twitter feed for your business, and a Pinterest account, you’re going to want to check out CoSchedule.

If you use WordPress for your blog, you can even publish straight to the blog through CoSchedule. (I use Squarespace and every time I see this function I want it.)

My schedule of posts to Facebook and Twitter - it also shows what’s been posted in Instagram.

My schedule of posts to Facebook and Twitter - it also shows what’s been posted in Instagram.

Why I Chose CoSchedule for My Social Marketing Needs

As an entrepreneur I’m continually looking for tools I can use to maximize my time and limit the amount of bullshit I have to deal with every day.

My focus with this blog is to generate helpful content for parents who are all the way in it with their parenting journey and hopefully help them find a way to feel normal and not so alone.

This may seem like a lot - but I don’t use CoSchedule for Instagram or for Pinterest (although I could see the benefits of this).

I use Planoly for Instagram because I love being able to sort my grid on my phone and on my desktop and auto-publish my posts.

I use Tailwind for Pinterest (and really what blogger doesn’t) to set my pinning schedule and Smartloop to loop my best pins.

When I posted to Facebook and Twitter I realized two things :

  1. I wasn’t generating enough of a draw/click-throughs to maximize the amount of time it takes to plan out and schedule posts through a free program like Buffer (the free tier limits your posts to 15 posts a week) and

  2. I wasn’t able to build consistency in what I was posting in any real marketing way.

I wanted all of this but found it exhausting and overwhelming to invent a system.

So I needed SOMETHING to help me organize my publishing schedule on Twitter and Facebook. And that’s when I found CoSchedule.


How Does CoSchedule Work?

Good news: You get a 30 day free trial with my referral link to try out CoSchedule (instead of for two weeks), and I wholeheartedly recommend this because you will need all 30 days to dig into the bells and whistles of planning your social content.

Here’s a helpful Video that explains how CoSchedule works:

CoSchedule is a thoughtfully crafted Marketing and Editorial Calendar that seamlessly integrates with all of your social media platforms, sync’s to your Google Calendar, Google Analytics, Bitly ( to shorten and track your links), Wordpress (if you use that as your blogging platform), Trello (my favorite organizational tool), and so much more.

If you use MailChimp for your email marketing, you’re going to want to check out their email planning tools.

CoSchedule is cloud based so you can access everything on your phone or laptop and make changes to your queue on the fly.

CoSchedule is a very well thought out Editorial & Marketing Calendar that also integrates with WordPress, Social Media, Google Calendar, Analytics, and SO much more! It automates all of my Social Media Posts & even ReQueues my evergreen content for posting at a later time automatically.

CoSchedule is cloud-based and as such can be accessed on your phone or your desktop computer. And even if you don’t post something THROUGH CoSchedule they still show you everything that’s ever been posted so that you can quickly look at your total marketing strategy and plot your next moves.

But beyond all of this, they also have ReQue which automatically reschedules your best evergreen content to run so that you’re never missing an opportunity to promote your material to your audience.

CoSchedule also allows you to drag and drop scheduled posts so you can quickly move things around on your calendar, which is another favorite function.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve queued up a social plan and then realize I’ve double booked three posts publishing to facebook and twitter on the same day. A quick drag and drop and social media gaf avoided.

CoSchedule also allows you to color coordinate your content so that when you’re looking at the big picture you can see what you’re posting - I have mine coded to be for blogs, other people’s content, inspiring content, funny memes and videos, and original tweets.

I love being able to see that my Social content is varied and unique across all my platforms and I’m never posting too much of the same content on any given day.

How Much Does CoSchedule Cost?

Coschedule pricing is broken up into tiers depending on the size of your team and your marketing needs.

As an individual marketer, the annual plan will set you back about $480 (Or $40 a month) if you buy the whole thing in one fell swoop.

If you’re up for writing a review or using a referral link on your blog, you can drop that by half and/or use your referrals to generate discounts on your CoSchedule account.

CoSchedule is legit using some smart marketing in offering this to individual accounts (like mine) because $20 a month is way more reasonable for my tiny budget than $40 a month.

And I’m more than okay writing this review because I believe in the product that much. It’s a win-win.

What is Re-Queue Though?

Let’s talk a bit more about Re-Queue because it’s my favorite function of Co-Schedule (this and the Google Calendar integration make it worth the $20 a month price tag and more).

When you’re scheduling your content, you’ll have the option to include your post as part of the re-queue.

For my purposes, this is mostly evergreen content that I want to cycle on my platforms several times a year.

This is why Co-Schedule is a lot like Smartloop (if you’re familiar with Smartloop for Tailwind and Pinterest Pinning - Smartloop automatically reschedules your best pins to your designated boards at the optimal times for viewership).

Re-Queue is the Smartloop of Facebook and Twitter.

Did you know the life of a tweet is about 20 minutes?

Did you know the optimal time to post for Facebook is on Thursday between 1 - 3 PM? At least that’s what it is now?

With CoSchedule and Requeue, CoSchedule automatically reposts your best content at the “best time” to get the most eyeballs on your content.

You can also track what and when things are being posted and how it is impacting your page views and brand building awareness.

Co-schedule Vs. Schedulequeue?

I actually signed up for Schedulequeue and tried it out for a Month. I found it more complex and complicated in the long run (and the learning curve was too much for me). Coschedule has so many more bells and whistles, and the fact that it seamlessly integrates with so many other platforms made it my no-brainer decision.

Is Co-Schedule Worth It?

For some bloggers just starting out co-schedule may be too many bells and whistles to navigate, especially in the early days of building your content and learning your hosting platform.

If you work for a marketing firm or as a social media manager, it may be worth talking to your team about investing in Coschedule as it’s a fantastic alternative to some of the more expensive programs.

At the end of the day, whether you choose to invest in Coschedule is up to you.

My dad always had a saying that you either spend money or you spend time and when it comes to social planning, finding ways to save time so that I can focus my energy on creating content is my number one priority.

With Coschedule I’m able to save so much time, that it’s worth it.

Sign Up Here for CoSchedule and Get 30 Days of Scheduling to Try it out For Free!
Coschedule Review. Do you use social media to market your blog? Save tons of time and money with a scheduling ap that helps you promote your best content time and again through re-queue.