12 Mom Hacks to Get More Shit Done

As a mom with young kids, odds are you’re just surviving as best as you can on as little sleep as you can muster and eating the food scraps of your toddler’s chicken nugget dinner. Make your life easier by trying out some of my favorite mom hacks to get more shit done during your every day and get on with your life.

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Mom Hack #1: Use Trello to Get Organized AF

Trello is a scheduling and organization system that you can manipulate to be your bitch for whatever you need.

Trello works a lot like a bulletin board except it’s digital and seamlessly syncs between your phone and your desktop.

We use Trello for everything: meal planning, organizing paperwork for the house, I use it for this blog, for my freelance writing assignments. We even use boards to help plan parties.

(Pro tip: I link everything to its Google Doc within the Trello board card to keep things super tight.)

Check out my Trello Meal planner here, and watch this beginner how to use Trello Video here.

I know I’m going to sound all salesy when I write this, but IT’S FUCKING FREE! So it is the most obvious download to your phone or computer that you could probably manage to do in like 30 seconds.

Mom Hack #2: Amazon Prime Your Life!

I know, duh. Obviously, you probably already have an Amazon Prime Membership but hang on a sec. Are you using this to its full potential?

Three words: Subscribe And Save. When the boys were babies we’d have diapers, wipes, formula, and butt creams auto delivered every month (so i didn’t even have to THINK about it). I also found it to be ALMOST the same price as lugging my tired overworked underpaid underslept self to the store to pick up diapers so it was worth it to save me the time and energy.

Currently we have pouches delivered, as well as face wash, toothpaste, vitamins, snacks, like. All of the things.

Automate your life so you can live your life.


Mom Hack #3: Blue Apron Delivery

I’m in love with meal kit delivery services at the moment mostly because of simple math.

Of the seven days in a week, we tend to eat out at least one of those nights and cook the other six. When Blue Apron delivers two meals complete with the exact amount of ingredients we need, then that means I only have to figure out four other meals to make.

That’s 104 days a year that I don’t have to think, plan, or shop for what’s for dinner. And that’s worth every penny.

We’ve tried a few different delivery services but I’ve found Blue Apron to be the most consistent in quality, customer service, and actual cookable meals. In three months we’ve only had one box show up with any issues and their customer service was amazing in dealing with it.  

Blue Apron got a lot of shit for creating really complex meals (like we would seriously use every pot and pan.) That’s not fun for a busy mom.

Which is why they recently started producing menu items that can be prepared in about 30 minutes or less and are super kid friendly too! CHECK OUT MY FULL REVIEW OF BLUE APRON HERE.

Mom Hack #4: Grocery Deliveries via Instacart

Now that you’ve had two meals delivered, why not get the rest of your grocery list delivered?

Ordering groceries from Instacart is seriously one of the easiest, quickest things to do while you’re on your lunch break, or finding some me time in the bathroom away from your screaming kids.

Need milk? Another bottle of wine? Probably some coffee? Instacart to the rescue!

Mom Hack #5 - Postmates

Oh also get your dinner or lunch delivered via Postmates. (Are you noticing a theme here?) Actually Postmates is kind of “famous” for delivering “anything.”

We got into a habit of having our lunch delivered when we were in the throws of sickness sweeping through the house and not wanting to a) give others our germs and b) cook. This lead us to sign up for the yearly free delivery plan and if you order at least twice a month from them it pays for itself.

Click here to sign up for Postmates.

Mom Hack #6: Self-Care

It may feel impossible to carve out time for yourself but if you don’t everyone will suffer.

Self care isn’t just getting your nails done or getting a massage, by the way (although that can feel indulgent af). It’s whatever helps you feel grounded or relieves stress, or just makes you feel like your old self before sleepless long nights and worry lines set in.

For me self care looks like spinning classes, meditation, yoga and also getting drinks with girlfriends.

For other working moms, it may be reconnecting with old friends, or having a date night every week. Schedule it. Commit to it. Make it a part of your routine just like brushing your teeth and hopefully you can begin to feel the stress relief ease you from the chaos.

If massages or facials are up there for you check out Spafinder to get the best deals on local services.

Woman Lie with Cosmetic Mask with Cucumbers in Eyes.

Mom Hack #7: The Instant Pot

I love my instant pot. At least two of the meals I plan via my meal planner and make each week are made in the instant pot.  There is a definite learning curve with this thing, but once you get past it you may find yourself adding Pinterest recipes of all sorts to your Instant Pot board.

I have this one but all of them are pretty amazing. I’ve even put dinner in the pot, turned it on, gone to pick up the boys from daycare, and returned to a fully cooked, nutritious, toddler approved, delicious dinner. I also love cooking dinner with this thing while I carve out a few more minutes of writing or researching for a project. It's the ultimate in multitasking. 

Mom Hack #8: Meal Plan

Eye roll. Yes, you probably should meal plan.

By spending a few minutes at the beginning of every month (or at the very least every week) you will exponentially save yourself time, worry, and ultimately a shit ton of money.

My meal planner can help make it even easier, and save you the hassle of trying to figure out what’s for dinner every night, where to keep your favorite recipes organized, and how to build a shopping list that you can reference time and again. It’s fully customizable too to help you stay on track with any diet plans or food restrictions.

Mom Hack # 9 : Get Your Rest

Better said than done right? Even if you’re exhausted sometimes actually FALLING asleep can feel impossible. This hack comes from the Military Wife and Mom and it’s all about utilizing a technique called the 4-7-8. And sometimes it’s the ONLY way I can get to sleep.

Mom Hack #10: Facebook Mommy Groups:

I know. Facebook?

But when you’re not sleeping sometimes cruising the mommy groups on FB can be a multitaskers greatest pleasure. You can learn about topics or resources you didn’t even know you needed to know about. A FB mom group is how I learned about the book “Oh Crap, Potty Training,” Which is what we read to be able to fully potty train our boys in about a month.

Also, there’s something comforting about being able to feed your baby in the middle of the night while scrolling through the posts of a Facebook mommy group and the many questions and comments (and of course, the trolls. There are always trolls) but mostly answers to the questions you didn’t even know you had.

Be sure to search your local city to find a local FB mommy community that can help you learn about local daycares or preschools, and ask burning questions, particularly in the middle of the night when it feels like the whole world is asleep except for your baby. 

I also love the Instagram account of Peanut which helps connect moms with other moms and has an entire community of helpers.

facebook CAN help sleep moms get answers to burning questions.

Mom Hack #11: Prevent Sickness…If You Can

There’s nothing like a nasty cold or stomach bug to turn our entire house, schedule, and life upside down. I read this little trick after we went through a particularly rough patch of illness where everyone was sick on and off for a cumulative three months. F.M.L.

I don’t even like grape juice, but I do like not being sick more. Check out more about it here. 

Mom Hack #12: That DGAF Life

Okay sure, DGAF (don’t give a fuck) is the name of this blog. But if I didn’t practice what I preach then wtf is the point of any of this. 

When I first went back to work after becoming a mom, I cared deeply and passionately about everything that had to do with my baby’s food, sleep, and daily activities. And I had a good reason. Everything was incredibly new and exciting. I even made my own organic baby food on the weekend in what little time I had.

By the time Sammy came around, and it was time to go back to work, I was living on far less sleep, way more expectations, and too much on all of my plates. Shit had to start giving, or else...I would.

I started practicing a DGAF lifestyle. Picking and choosing the shit I wanted to give a fuck about and the other stuff? It suddenly didn’t matter as much. I also read the book, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck,” and it was pretty life altering.  

Woman in meditation pose displaying rude gesture

A DGAF lifestyle will look differently for each mom.  For some, it may be a priority to spend hours making your own organic baby food. For me, baby two got a mixture of homemade food and deliciously Amazon-Prime-delivered organic food pouches.

Time moves so much faster with your second kid (and I imagine exponentially faster with any other children you may have after). So figuring out what is essential to your happiness, your family, your work, and your life is the only way to hack it and survive.

Hopefully, these tips can help you get through it relatively unscathed. Find this helpful? Please share this pretty little pin I made about all the ways you can make your mom life more efficient on Pinterest.