Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2019 for Toddlers and Babies

The holidays are all the way up on us and you’re probably scrambling to figure out what the fuck to put in that oversized sock hanging above your fireplace (Or are you like me and totally forgot to find something until now? Cuz 10/10 that’s gonna happen to me for the next several years. ) which is, ultimately, why I wrote this list for ideas for stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers and babies.

Because I can’t be bothered to scramble anymore.

Before we get into it, because this is technicalllllyyyy a Christian holiday (okay it is) and I’m technicallllllly an agnostic Jew (whose father was a Protestant turned atheist) — if you, my sweet reader friend, are of the non-cussing Christian coalition who has stumbled upon this blog, my bad.

I don’t mean offense.

I swear (punny) I’ve got some good ideas for stocking stuffers in here. Dig deep and try not to let a few cuss words freak you out too much;).

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Oh here’s the other reason I wrote this list.

I fucking hate junk toys.

If you give my children little bottles of bubbles that you found at the dollar store in a souvenir goodie bag at your toddler’s birthday party, I’m going to throw it away and pretend to not have any idea where it went.

Because we all know what happens to that bottle. It spills everywhere. And Momma has to clean up that shit up. Or summon every ounce of patience to watch as they “help” clean it up themselves.

Ba-humbug, DGAF mom where’s your Christmas spirit!?

Well, for starters, we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, because we are very religious when food and presents are involved.

I know it’s weird then, right?

That an Agnostic Jewish girl who also insists on putting the Christmas tree up the weekend of Thanksgiving (because of the joy of it all) would write up a stocking stuffer gift guide but hold up…


Stocking Stuffer ideas for toddlers and babies that don't fucking suck.

I fucking love stocking stuffers.

There’s something magical about

a) not having to wrap a present

b) not having to really think too much about what it is and

c) have my children go insane for the fun that is finding out what’s in their stockings (and magically love everything about it) .

Stocking Stuffers for Kids Are the Joy of Christmas

I’ve compiled this list of super useful, practical stocking stuffer ideas that will guarantee your babies and toddlers to have the most fun this Christmas.

Also. If you’re celebrating Hannukah these are fantastic presents to offer on the “in between” nights.

(In our family we do a big present on the first night and the last night and then in-between nights are sort of like stocking stuffer presents but you have to wrap them. Or not Idgaf.)

So my fellow scrambling parent, let’s do the thing, shall we?

I’ve separated this stocking stuffer guide into categories of things you can find.

I also tried to limit it to stocking stuffer ideas that would have free (or Prime) shipping and/or non-junk items you can get delivered quickly.

Which means a lot of these are gonna be from Amazon.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Books for Toddlers and Babies

Little board books and early reader books are the perfect stocking stuffer that are under $10 (sometimes under $5!)

Here are some of those super popular books and also a few obscure ones.

Early Reader Books for Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers

Small books, board books, and little reader books are a perfect stocking stuffer idea.

Usually they’re around $4.99 and they can fit most stockings (unless you’re going with a traditional sock!)

Here are some popular ones in our house and some of the most popular early reader books I could find via Amazon:

Big Shark Little Shark:

May I Please Have a Cookie (Bonus, this one teaches manners too! It’s also one of my cookie loving son’s favorite books).

The Biscuit Series of Books

These are always a huge hit with toddlers and this boxed set comes with five different books (if you want to split them up amongst kids go for it! At around $10 it’s kind of a steal!

Mac and Cheese is a super sweet story about a cat and a dog pair that get into mischief. As of the writing of this post it was listed at UNDER $3 so buy this no k thanks.

Here are some more Amazon recommended early reader books:

A wild card: The bilingual flashcard book.

My son is in kindergarten in a dual language immersion program.

More and more school districts are adopting these programs both for being able to take advantage of young brains and minds (when it’s easiest to learn language) and because of the long lasting benefits being bi-literate and lingual can have on a person (including reducing the risk of Alzheimers, improving cognition, and general brain health for their entire life. Also there’s strong evidence that learning to read and write in multiple languages can make you a better test taker and generally a better student which equals better grades and more opportunities down the line.

If you’re able to get your child in a dual language program I highly recommend it!

(no! YOU don’t have to speak the language! I don’t (although I am learning).

In the meantime, check out this cute flashbook to teach words to your toddler. You can learn along with him!

Comfort Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Babies

When it comes to stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers and babies I love to throw something in that offers a little comfort. If you have a teething baby that may mean some new teething toys or a small stuffed animal.

If you have a toddler, that could mean cozy small blanket or pair of comfy socks or slippers. (and also a small stuffed animal)

My boys are animal and dinosaur lovers.

In fact, if you’ve got a Dinosaur lover in your family you’re also going to want to check out this Dinosaur Gift Guide for some great ideas.

But for now let’s take a look at some unique comfort stocking stuffer ideas for babies and toddlers:

Elephant Teething Toy

This is a great addition to your teething toy collection. It’s easy to hold, BPA free, and has different textures for baby to work with:

These Drool bandanas are great for babies who have little teeth coming in because they have an attached little teether at the end too! Washable and made of 100% organic cotton so baby can chew away (to great relief) and you don’t have to fret!

I love this adorable penguin teething toy. It’s got several different textures and can be hooked to your stroller or car seat

Loveys for Baby:

This sweet little bunny lovey is the perfect snuggle bunny to fit in a stocking:

This Soft Elephant lovey (made by the same company) is a really sweet addition to your baby’s collection:

Here are some more Amazon recommended stocking stuffer lovey’s for Baby’s

Comfort Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

Stocking Stuffer Toys for Baby

Small toys that are age-appropriate and can help your baby with their gross motor skills and early brain development are ideal.

Again, I’m talking about non-junk type toys.

If you’d like to read some additional non-junky toys check out this post on Montessori style gift ideas for Toddlers and Babies. TK

My 5 and 3-year-old STILL PLAY with these stacking cups that I got for my oldest when he was just a few months old. They use them in the bath, in the water table, and even to play a version of tea time with.

At less than $5 this is an investment piece;).

Stocking Stuffer Clothing Ideas for Baby and Toddler

I’m a big fan of including hats in my kid’s stocking stuffers. Be it snow caps or spring hats or hats they’ll be able to use at the pool in the summer, I really DGAF.

Hats are an essential item for baby’s to protect their precious skin from powerful UV rays.

Have a baby or toddler who doesn’t like to wear hats?

You’re going to want to read: How to get your baby to wear a hat.

Here are some more cute baby and toddler hat ideas:

Here are some other clothing related ideas for stocking stuffers:

Baby Clothes including a holiday onesie like this one!

Other Bibs (I love bandana bibs because they just look so sweet too!) Here’s a cute festive collection of bibs that you can wear during the holidays and long after too (without it being taboo. Christmas bib in July? (I’m not gonna judge but make it worth your while if you’re gonna buy them right?)

Holiday PJ’s for Toddlers and Babies

I’m also of the ilk that I like to buy at least ones set of PJS for my kids that AREN’T christmas/holiday themed so that when it does come to be July I feel less guilty about the fact that they’re still wearing them.

Also it makes me think of this Tweet every time I put my kids in their Christmas PJ’s:


Here are some sweet holiday themed pjs that won’t make you feel all that Christmas in July guilt (and really iDGAF about this is so many ways)

Here’s another slightly understated set:

And here’s some more traditional Jams:

Cozy Socks and Slippers:

These are great with little grips on the bottom for running around the house or your apartment and still keep your kiddo’s little feets warm.

These are some adorable moccasins for baby’s and toddlers:

Arts and Crafts Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Arts and craft supplies are awesome Christmas gift ideas for babies and toddlers in general. I tend to buy a bunch of stuff for Christmas and Hannukah and never buy anything else all year long. It keeps the clutter down (yay for minimalism) and it’s something they play with or interact with in some way nearly every week of the year.

I like to go through all our old supplies before we get new stuff so that I can make sure to toss dried out paint, brushes that have bristles falling out, and any dried up markers or pens (and broken crayons!)

You can tell the holidays are near because my kids start to complain about there not being enough colors. (Lol)

Here are some additional arts and craft stocking stuffer ideas for babies and toddlers to help your little Picasso’s with their projects this year:

This Arts and Crafts container is PERFECT for an oversized stocking (but be mindful of the little pieces - not appropriate probably for kids under 2 years old).

This Scissor Skills set is perfect for pre-school aged kids and has increasingly difficult pages for your toddler to practice their scissor skills:

Playdoh is always a great stocking stuffer (and the perfect size).

This set is an insanely good deal. Hot tip: only dole out a few colors at a time. And when they inevitably dry up, pull out a few more from a storage bin or closet.

Imagination Play Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Finding toys that have multiple uses is a key quality for me. I love things that encourage imagination in my kids, and keep them finding new and creative ways to engage with them.

(It’s very Montessori)

Check out some of these stocking stuffer ideas for kids that do exactly that:

My boys LOVE little toys like this. This is a great set too because it includes all the hot creatures for toddlers: Bugs, dinosaurs, zoo animals, sea creatures, and farm animals.

My boys have the bugs and dinos and play with them constantly.

If you really want to save time (and space, and money) just put one or two of them in the stockings and save the rest for a birthday present or a reward for a behavior sticker chart down the line.

These magnetic building blocks encourage a lot of creativity and also encourage gross and fine motor skills as well. Be mindful though that you supervise your kids when they play with them. I read a horror story of a toddler having chewed through the magnet and ending up hospitalized for the side effects of having swallowed shards. (Tk - article about baby swallowing magnets)

This busy board may be a bit too big for a stocking (unless you have the EXTRA LARGE ONES) but they can certainly be placed by the fire place, or added to your arsenal of stocking stuffer overflow (should you require).