What Does DGAF Mean?

It’s simple. DGAF is an abbreviation for the term, “don’t give a fuck.” And in speaking the abbreviation you might say “I Deegaf. “

But how it’s used in context is where the true benefits are born.

It’s fun to say.

It’s even more fun to live this way.

Since I’ve become a parent, not giving a fuck has brought me peace, joy, love, hope, money, and you, my dear reader.

I’ve used the term to express a vent to my fellow mom’s in the struggle, “Ya’ll, I DGAF anymore about ‘healthy’ eating because my children have not napped all day, I haven’t had a chance to go to the grocery store, I don’t know what’s for dinner, I haven’t showered, and I’m convinced the laundry just needs to stay in the drier for eternity. Bring me the thin mints.” 

Alternatively: “Eff it. We’re ordering pizza. I DGAF!” 

How I Became the DGAF Mom

I was reading this book.

The orange one was newly elected president.

I was ready for change in a big fat fucking way and after decades of saying “I’m gonna start a blog” I took a giant uncomfortable leap of faith, and signed up for Squarespace that day.

A lot has changed over the years, including how seriously I take this blog and how much I value the fucks I give.

Do You Really Not Give A Fuck?

For me it’s quite the opposite.

It’s ironic and it’s a bit of a play on words.

I am the DGAF mom precisely because I have become very keen at picking and choosing the fucks that I need to give.

If, for example, I’m potty training my son that’s the biggest fuck I have to give. Everything else, meal planning, dealing with petty bullshit at the daycare, even texts from friends become second, third, and 15th priority.

Sleep is a serious fuck I give at all times because I’ve come to learn that without adequate sleep (not really even good sleep but like, basic maybe 6/ 7 hours in a row) I am a hot fucking mess.

So I have to give a serious fuck about getting enough sleep.

I dgaf who or what comes at the expense of my sleep. Which means I won’t text you back after 9 PM. And I’m going to give serious fucks about my kids and THEM getting to sleep so I can get even more/better sleep.

You following?

On a more cerebral level, I like to use this as a baseline for inspiration to help me focus and prioritize the things that I really do give a fuck about. Like my kids. Like my husband.

I started this my journey as a DGAF mom when I was struggling with breastfeeding.

I continued my journey as a dgaf mom when I was dealing with the bullshit of being a working mom.

And so on.

And forever.


If you’re a bit like me, then you’ll join me on this journey to become more DGAF about the shit that doesn’t serve you. And give far fewer fucks about all the rest.