Back to School Crafts for Kids – Easy and Fun!

As summer comes to an end, the kids are getting ready to go back to school. It can be hard to get them excited about returning to class, especially when they’re still full of vacation excitement and energy!

Luckily, there is plenty of fun and easy back-to-school crafts that you can make together as a family that will help your kids feel excited and prepared for their new academic year!

These are easy to throw together for the first week of school and are so much fun for your little learner.

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Back To School Craft Ideas for Kids: Apple Crafts

These apple crafts for kids back to school are perfect and fun way for preschoolers to esplore their fine motor skills, and an easy way to feel use their creative thinking!

They’re easy and fun and will get your little ones excited about learning. Plus, they’re a great way to review colors, shapes, and numbers with your child or students.

Preschool Apple Activities

These school projects are a unique opportunity to teach students of different skill levels them some of the basic words used in math: one, two, three, four, five. The last one is my favorite because it’s really cute!

Paper Plate Apple Craft For Kids

This back-to-school paper plate apple craft is perfect for kids of all ages! It’s easy to make and can be done in just a few minutes. Plus, it’s a great way to use up those extra paper plates you have lying around the house.

The tradition of giving your teacher an apple on the first day of school may not be the great gift it once was, but this cute craft made with paper plates, and construction paper can be a school activity that won’t spoil and keep your kids feeling that school spirit.

School Craft Ideas: Crayon Crafts for Back To School

It’s back to school time, which means it’s time for some fun and easy crafts for kids! These crayon crafts are perfect for little ones starting in school. It’ll be a great way to make the transition easier!

First Day of School Crayon Craft

Get creative with the colors of your choice and enjoy these back-to-school arts and crafts for kids.

Crayon Counting Activity

One of the most important things for kids to learn when they start school is how to count. This Back to School Cryon Counting Activity is a fun and easy peasy way for kids to practice their counting skills while also getting excited for the new school year!

This activity is perfect for helping kids learn to count while also getting them excited for back to school! You’ll need some colorful paper.

This is an adorable first-grade craft that can help students remember their counting. 

Crayon Headband Craft For Kids

This easy and fun back-to-school crayon headband creative craft is perfect for kids of all ages!

What better way to get your child excited for school than with a fun back-to-school craft?

This crayon headband craft is easy and fun for kids of all ages.

Plus, it’s a great way to use up those extra crayons around the house. Kids will love wearing their new creations around on the first day of school!

Back to School Printable Worksheets: 

If printing out a back-to-school worksheet would be easier, then here we go! These printable templates will help you organize and stay crafty for the first few weeks of school.

Back to School Questionnaire Printable Worksheet

Starting the school year off on the right foot is important for kids. Help them get organized and excited for the year ahead with this fun questionnaire printable worksheet.

Simply print it out, have them fill it in, and then hang it up in their room or on the fridge.

It’s a great way to start conversations about the first day of school ahead and help transition from the end of summer vacation to getting everyone on the same page.

Back to School Activities for Kids: Pencil Crafts

Pencil crafts are a fun activity to do when you’re getting ready for school. They are a great way to get excited for the year ahead and learn new things.

Easy Origami Pencil Craft

This is a great back-to-school craft for kids! All you need is a sheet of origami paper and a pencil.

Simply follow the instructions below to make an origami pencil. This is an awesome craft to explore some scissor skills. Perfect for elementary school students.

Back to School Pencil Holders

It’s time to get crafty and get ready for back to school! These easy and fun back-to-school pencil crafts for kids will make the perfect addition to your child’s desk.

All you need are some basic supplies like pencils, scissors, and glue. With a little creativity, your child and kids of all ages can decorate their own pencil case that will help them stay organized all year.

Back To School Bus Craft Ideas

School bus craft ideas are a great way for elementary school students to get excited for the new school year. These cute and easy crafts are a fun way to learn new things while also staying organized.

Kids will love decorating their school buses with colorful paper, glitter, and other fun materials. There are many different ways to make a school bus, so be creative and have fun

The first day of school is just around the corner!

Back to School Bus Craft for Kids

This adorable school bus craft is perfect for kids getting ready to head back to the classroom!

Easy Paper Plate School Bus Shapes Craft

This back-to-school crafts for kids project is so easy, even the youngest child can make it with a little help. And it’s a great way to recycle those paper plates that always seem to pile up.

Get creative this fall with these quick and easy back-to-school activities!

More Fun and Simple Back-to-School Craft Ideas for Kids

Colorful Purse/Backpack Charms

These are so easy and fun to make, and they’re perfect for back-to-school! These are a really fun first day of school crafts. That’s it! These make great addition to little backpacks or purse charms for teachers or parents

Paper Bookmarks for Back to School with Cricut

These paper bookmarks are a perfect back-to-school craft for kids!

They’re easy to make with a Cricut cutting machine and can be personalized with each child’s name. Plus, they’ll help keep your child’s place in their school books all year long.

Me Mini Book Printable

This back-to-school ME mini-book printable is the perfect way for kids to share all about themselves with their new classmates. And a great way to take a photo of the kids at the beginning of the year to see how much they have grown!

It’s an easy and fun craft to make and a great way to get kids excited about the new school year. Plus, it’s a great way to keep those creative juices flowing during the first few weeks of school.

The start of a new school year and the new school year is the perfect time to try out some new easy crafts with your kids!

These back-to-school crafts for kids are easy and fun and will help get your little ones excited about the new school year.

With just a few simple supplies, you can create some amazing works of fun activities that your kids will be proud to display in their classrooms.

So get creative and have fun with these back-to-school crafts for kids in best time of year!

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