What I Wish Someone had Told Me About Having a Second Child

Are you thinking about having a second child? Are you currently pregnant and preparing for your second baby? Do you feel the overwhelm of “what’s it going to be like” when baby #2 is born?

Here is what to expect if you are expecting your second child.

How to Deal With Mom Burnout (Especially In Pandemic Times)

Mom burnout is a real thing. Especially now when we are expected to stretch ourselves and actually become superhuman in the time of a pandemic. Working mom burnout, stay at home mom burnout, worried mom burn out, and stressed out AF mom burnout is all happening at the same time and without any of our control or say.

How to Meal Plan (and Why You Should Give a F*ck About It)

When it comes to meal planning I love how it saves my family time and money and keeps us eating a variety of healthy meals every week. And since I embraced a consistent meal planning routine, I’ve found it can actually be a lot of fun,

Don’t Give a (Sheet) What’s For Dinner? 71 Sheet Pan Dinner Recipes for Easy Meals

These sheet pan dinner recipes are the kind of things that are healthy, delicious, and easy AS EFF to put together. Sheet pan dinner ideas that are sure to be crowd-pleasers even for the pickiest eater. They include sheet pan shrimp and salmon ideas, as well as dozens of chicken sheet pan dinners. Sheet pan sausage and sheet pan vegan and vegetarian meals too!

31 No Bullsh*t Ways to Win as a Working Mom

As a working mom, building a schedule and a routine is essential to your survival both emotionally and physically.

Being a good mom has less to do with time than it does with intention and we’re going to get into how you can maximize your time with your kiddos, your spouse, your work, and yourself.

How to Use Trello for Beginners

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of automation and of organization especially when it comes to running my business (as both a blogger and a freelance writer) but there are so many benefits to using trello as an organization tool that it’s worth taking a look at how to use trello as a beginner.