Spring Break Bucket List for Families

Here in Southern California, Spring Break is LITERALLY on top of us. Idk about you but my spring breaks look a hell of a lot different with kids than it did…you know…in the before times.

Spring break is always a surprise to me. I feel like we JUST recovered from the holidays and then here we are, rounding around the third month of the year heading straight into what I lovingly have begun to call “summer practice” as in what are we doing to fill our long spring days with our kids home for the entire time.

But I didn’t love that mindset if I’m being honest.

Shifting it to find things to fill the days that are exciting and fun, a bucket list of things to do this spring break (and that can also fall into fall break) felt nicer.

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Spring Break Bucket List

Fun Things To Do For Spring Break

In truth, this list of fun things to do for spring break list is meant for families with young kids. But I get that some of you have might have teens and they are into different things. That’s why a lot of these things can be enjoyed by all age ranges. If you have kindergarteners, just make sure to have as much fun as you can before kindergarten first day of school!

Plus, if you have teens maybe this will give you some ideas for ways to connect with them during this time!

Spring break is enough time to really explore some areas of your city, but not so long that you’re going to be totally out of our routine.

fun things to do on spring break

What is a Spring Break Bucket List?

A bucket list is a list of things that you want to do or accomplish in your life. The term “bucket list” originated in the movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, “the Bucket List” where they set out to accomplish several things before they died.

While its origins have somewhat dark connotations, the more pop culture iteration is more about a way to stay organized and intentional about your time, and for the purposes of this blog post, your time with your kids. You’ve got a whole week to explore this list and I promise you probably won’t get through all of it.

Speaking of, you’ll also want to check out my Summer Activities for kids post that has a ton more ideas.

I’m not sure who came up with the idea of a bucket list for spring break but I’m glad they did because it’s a great way to get everyone in the family excited about the upcoming break and to start thinking about all the fun things you can do together.

spring break bucket list for kids

Spring Break Bucket List Free Printable

Yep. Go ahead and download this bad boy right here at TK link. * MY ETSY SHOP IS FORTHCOMING CHECK BACK FOR OPENING MID APRIL.

But I also recommend customizing this list. Especially if you are traveling somewhere fun for Spring break with your family.

What Are Some Fun Things To Do Over Spring Break

Here are some ideas to get you started on your own Spring Break Bucket List:

1. Go on a nature hike

Weather dependent, if spring has sprung where you are there will likely be a ton of great animals, flowers, and other nature to observe.

2. Visit a new park

Where we live there is no shortage of parks, and yet we still have somehow missed a few. Make a point to check out a new local park in town.

3. Check out a local museum

Depending on where you live there could be some really fun interactive exhibits. If you’re close to San Francisco, consider the California Academy of Sciences. We were able to go there last Summer and had a wonderful time exploring.

bucket list for spring break with kids

4. Have a picnic in the backyard

My kids LOVE dining alfresco. We also love turning our front yard into a picnic area complete with fancy napkins and silverware.

5. Go camping in the backyard

Weather permitting, set up the tents and stargaze. the best part about this spring break camping is that if anyone in your party is having a hard time sleeping in nature, the bed isn’t too far away!

6. Make homemade pizzas

We love grilling pizzas as much as possible – but homemade pizzas can be cheap, easy, and super fun. Have the kids help you chop up ingredients, and make the dough if you’d like. Making dough has become a new skill for us during the pandemic and now it’s fun for the whole family.

Here’s a TK recipe for easy instant pot pizza dough. Also, why not add some simple easter desserts to go with your delicious homemade pizza. 🙂

7. Make s’mores over the fire pit

We love this fire pit that is smokeless and super safe, and yet still produces that camping vibe.

Solo Stove Yukon with Stand Fire Pit Combo Bundle – Largest 27 inch Wood Burning Smokeless Outdoor Firepit | Safe for Backyard Patio Deck or Camp with Stand | Portable Firepit with Stand Buy on Amazon

8. Go for ice cream cones

IDK what it is but ice cream and the weather turning warmer are the closest of friends.

9. Go to opening day at a baseball game

This is the perfect place to introduce a hot dog. If it’s not opening day yet, check out a spring training game. If you’re in the North Carolina area be sure to check out the Savannah Bananas that have recently gone Tik Tok famous and are a circus baseball phenom.

10. Go to the zoo

Or travel to a further zoo. We’re lucky where we live there are at least 5 different zoo’s within a 2/3 hour drive.

11. Go to the aquarium

An awesome road trip is going to the aquarium. If you’re close to Los Angeles, consider the aquarium of the pacific. If this ain’t your jam however, try these fun water activities for kids because they are definitely a fun time.

spring break bucket list families

12. Visit a farm

If you’re lucky to be able to live a short drive from a farm, check out their tours to see if you can also go picking too and bring home some fresh fruits and veggies!

13. Go fruit picking

Kids of all ages love this and it’s a super easy day trip.

14. Make homemade jam

And since you just picked all those fresh berries, the best way to make them last is to turn them into jam. Check out this easy recipe.

15. Have a pool day

Where we live pools don’t “open” until the summer, but if you have a pool or are lucky to have a friend with a pool (and it’s warm enough) then it’s a great place to go.

16.Have a water balloon fight!

These water balloons are biodegradable and these ones are re-usable.

High Bounce 50 Reusable Water Balls – Highly Absorbent Cotton Splash Soaker Bomb Ball – Child Friendly Summer Outdoor Indoor Pool and Ball Pit Activity for Girls and Boys Buy on Amazon

17. Make homemade popsicles

I love these molds – my boys and I will make strawberry lemonade popsicles with simple syrup, Lots of lemon juice, strawberries, and water! Freeze and eat. Delish! Also, it’s one of those summer activities with kids that is rewarding for everyone involved.

Popsicle Mould,Popsicle Molds 6 Pieces Silicone Ice Pop Molds BPA Free Popsicle Mold Reusable Easy Release Ice Pop Make (Green) Buy on Amazon

18. Go on a bike ride

This is a great time to teach your littles to ride bikes too if you haven’t yet. Here’s a TK link for great bike trails in California if you’re local to Cali.

19. Go roller skating

These roller skates are great for littles, and these retro ones are great for adults.

spring activities for Families

20. Have a picnic at the park!

Check out some great picnic areas or new places or even go to your favorite place and enjoy a picnic with the fam.

21. Visit a trampoline park

Trampoline parks seem to be popping up everywhere these days.

22. Go to a batting cage

This is such a fun way to get out some angst and hit that ball!

23. Play mini golf

Fun for all ages!

24. Read a good book

For kids encourage them to read a few books from the library.

25. Go to the driving range

Similar to a batting cage, kids and adults alike love to swing the golf club for this.

26. Go bowling

Be sure to ask for some bumpers for the littles to get some good practice and super fun on Friday nights. Depending on where you live sometimes they turn them into a dance party with glow lights and music, which kids tend to love.

27. See a movie in theaters

Spring break and Summer break really are filled with memories of hot popcorn in a cold movie theater.

28. Make homemade popcorn and have a family movie night.

And then watch your favorite movie on your living room floor. Be sure to check out the Common Sense reviews for family-friendly movies.

29. Have a dance party in the living room

In our house we shut all the blinds, and blast the music and turn on these disco lights for an extra fun vibe.

NEQUARE Party Lights DJ Disco Ball Strobe Light Disco Lights 7 Colors Sound Activated Stage Light with Remote Control for Karaoke, Kids, Festival Celebration Birthday Xmas Wedding Bar Club 2 Pack Buy on Amazon

30. Play tourist in your own town

Be sure to check out the amazing places in your back yard or if your’e close to a big city there should be plenty of options and popular attractions.

31. Make a homemade scavenger hunt

Better yet, have your kids create the map and hide treasures for you to find. They’ll love this so much.

32. Go on a treasure hunt

During the pandemic, we began a family tradition of doing a treasure hunt for gifts in the house. My boys are animal lovers and we’d even set up a zoo in the house for them to find the presents inside.

33. Make a new meal together

Check out some new recipes that your kids can help you put together. Head to the grocery store and pick out some interesting new ingredients together. My post on Lazy summer dinner ideas is perfect for little fingers to help assemble. And you’ll also want to read about how to help a picky eater child TK link.

34. Take your family to an Art Museum

Art museums are some of my favorite places. They often have great deals for kids too, and fun activities to engage them in the work of the art.

spring activities for kids

35. Check your Local Library for Story Times

Often local libraries will set up story times for school aged kids

36. Go on a photo walk and take pictures of things that start with each letter of the alphabet. The instamax polaroid camera is perfect for this as your kids can have fun taking photos and saving them in a keepsake memory book.

A is for Ant. B is for Bike. And so on!

Fujifilm instax Mini 9 Instant Camera (Ice Blue) with Film Twin Pack Bundle (2 Items) Buy on Amazon

37. Plant a Garden

This is the perfect time of year to set up your home garden. If it’s still winter where you are you may need to wait for the final frost but there’s no reason why you should wait to start your seedlings inside. During the pandemic we actually invested in the sub pod which is a great way to also teach kids about the life cycle of food, and composting.

SUBPOD Compost Bin Outdoor. in-Garden, Composting System & Worm Farm, with Dual Chamber Design. (Worms NOT Included) Buy on Amazon

38. Have a spa day at home

Check out my gift ideas for moms who have everything post that has some awesome recommendations for home spa gear. This is a fun indoor activity that older kids love.

39. Visit and hike in the national parks

We love this one, personally, as it’s easy to get to a lot of outdoor activities where we live.

40. Go Horseback Riding

Take a picnic lunch to fully flesh this one out! And if you have a girl who loves horses in your family you’re going to want to check out this horse gifts for girls post.

41. Have a pillow fight!

We save old pillows JUST for this activity.

Spring break activities for kids

42. Make some fun crafts!

Check out craft stores together to get supplies for a full day of quality time crafting.

43. Have a family game night!

Board games, charades, play time gets a new meaning when your kids are able. My kids and I LOVE this game which helps them explore shapes and counting too.

Qwirkle Board Game Buy on Amazon

44. Take a Spring Break Trip!

Depending on your budget, there are so many interesting places that are fun for the whole family. In California we love taking trips to Santa Barbara, the Safari Park in San Diego, and San Francisco.
Definitely check out Viator for ideas for day trips or tours in your local area.

Customize Your Spring Break Bucket List

Because there are only 24 hours in a day, and 7 days in a week (and depending on where you are, you may have an extra day or two for spring break), you’ll want to sit with your family and become intentional about these bucket list ideas.

I recommend one activity a day. At max.

For example – playing tourist in your own town is easily an entire day’s event. But it could also include seeing a movie in the theater, going bowling, or playing mini golf depending on where you live.

Here’s a handy template you can use to make your own spring break bucket list!


Spring Bucket list


Spring break is a time for family to come together, have fun and relax. With all the activities that you can do in one day there’s no reason why your children should be bored! The template we provide will help you create an awesome bucket list with relevant events around where you live so everyone has some exciting things on their agenda this spring break!

Worried about the cost? Have no fear, we’ve got you covered there too with a list of free and budget friendly activities. No matter what your financial situation is, there’s something on this list for everyone to enjoy!

So go ahead, download the template, and get started on making some amazing memories!

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