The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Mom Who Has Everything

If you’re looking for gift ideas for the mom who has everything, you’re in the right spot.

This is tricky territory right? It’s hard to know what to get someone who has, well…everything. And even harder to buy a gift that you know she will love, but that you also know says something like, “You’re an amazing Mom,” or even simply, “ Thank you.” Finding the best gift ideas for the mom who has everything requires some…insight, some… thought, some…connections.

Hey! That’s why you’re here!

Hopefully this post can be your BFF to provide you with a variety of gift ideas for mom (and especially for the mom who has everything). It’s the perfect gift guide for mother’s day, and an ideal for gift ideas for mom for Christmas and the holidays as well.

Go ahead and bookmark this ( or use the pin below and pin it to your favorite gift ideas board) and reference it when it’s time to figure out what you need to get in the future. Don’t worry! I’ll be updating it periodically to include new ideas!

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Now: For the one who’s buying the gift let’s do the thing mmmkay?

I tried to include present ideas on this list that don't require you to leave your couch to order, confirm, and have delivered.

You’re welcome. Again.

Yes, you will likely need to present whatever you get her in some sort of beautiful card or packaging, but that's on you. I can only point you to the present. You gotta make it sparkle.


1 - Spa Day

Moms are stressed and exhausted 99.9% of the time.

If you’re a working mom studies show that you’re likely working the equivalent of 2.5 jobs. If you’re a stay at home mom, odds are good at some point you’re going to experience some serious burnout from the mental and emotional exhaustion of raising your kids.

Bottom line: Mom’s need a break, like, always, but when it comes to what kind of break they need often a pampering at the spa is tops on their list. And it doesn’t matter if they JUST had one a few weeks ago. I’ve never met a Mom who has ever said, You know? I could really live with fewer massages.

Treat the mom in your life to a day at the spa. Or even just a massage or a facial or the gift certificate that can let her choose her favorite pampering. is a fantastic resource and if you purchase a gift card the lady in your life can choose from a number of services and potential locations for these services through their website.

2 -Stitch Fix - Subscription Clothes Boxes

I don’t have time to shop. Most moms I know, love new clothes but they too don’t seem to have the luxury of time that they once had to shop.

Enter Stitch Fix!

Stitch Fix delivers a selection of clothes carefully curated and styled by a personal stylist.

I’ve recently tried their kids line too and I love it (and more importantly my boys love it). My oldest is really rough on his clothes and in his most recent box, he received three pairs of pants that had re-enforced knees and they are the ONLY pants he wants to wear.

I love it because it saves me hours of searching for re-enforced knee pants (it’s surprisingly hard to find pants like this!)

Stitch Fix has options for everyone!

Stitch Fix has options for everyone!

I’ve been using Stitch Fix for years both pregnant and not, and I’ve gotten to know my stylist, and she’s gotten to know me.

She’s helped me navigate trends, weight loss and weight gain and then weight loss again, and made it ridiculously easy (and affordable) to look and feel my best.

3 - Get Your Pretty On Subscription

If the idea of relinquishing complete control over her wardrobe might give her anxiety, consider Get Your Pretty on. Alison is the one and only stylist and she provides several free tools as well as style capsules (Recommended looks for each season/circumstance) to help her find items that she can use to update her wardrobe.

Alison’s tailored (pun!) her wardrobe recommendations for the woman who hates to shop, for the one who feels like she can’t put an outfit together, and even for the super budget conscious shopper.

This is an example of a Closet Staples Capsule Wardrobe

This is an example of a Closet Staples Capsule Wardrobe

For a minimal fee she does all the searching for you, and you get to decide what you want to purchase. You can either purchase it through her site or go to the websites directly.

Returns are managed through the retailer, however.

This is an affordable option to have a personal stylist at your finger tips but also have total control over what you end up buying before you buy it.

Her capsule wardrobes are done by season, and by “type” so it literally feels like there’s something for everyone. And she does some really great style challenges to get you thinking about what you really need to add to your wardrobe.

Check out the video below which explains more.

4 - 23 and Me Subscription

A few years ago my mom gifted my husband and I the 23 and Me tests and it was and is still hands down one of our favorite gifts to receive TO DATE. While I was not surprised to learn about my genetic background (55% Ashkenazi Jew and the rest “European.” )

I was SUPER pleased to learn that neither Chris nor I have the gene for late onset Alzheimers disease, which is something my Dad and Grandmother both had.

What’s even better is this is the gift that keeps on giving…

Every once and a while we get emails detailing some new information about our genetic composition. A few weeks ago Chris actually got an email that says that he has a very small degree of Vietnamese in his genetics. This information was oddly fascinating and made us wonder what other surprises are lurking in our DNA.

Amazon periodically puts it on sale but click here and for $199 you can purchase both the DNA test and an Ancestry kit which is incredibly comprehensive.

5 - A Nice Bottle of Wine (or 12 of Them!)

Or whiskey. Or vodka. Or whatever the Mom in your life’s particular alcoholic pleasure may be. For me it’s whiskey and wine. If wine is on the list consider signing her up for a wine of the month club, such as Winc, which customizes wine delivery based on tastes. I love this for two reasons: 1) I get new wine every month that I would have otherwise never have known about and 2) I’ve loved nearly every bottle that we’ve opened up.

giphy-3 copy 2.gif

Convenience and joy = A perfect unique gift for the mom who has everything.

6 - Have the Kids Make Her Something

The downside to this is that it requires that you might have to go to a place like Michaels to find some crafting materials. A few lucky partners will excel in this. My hubby? He was a natural at making these bracelets for me for Christmas, and it is easily my favorite gift that I may have ever received.

A cute crafty little something

I’ve taken the liberty of creating a Pinterest board full of gift ideas that even the most non-crafty person can in theory, pull off. Check it out here!

7 - Pictures of Her Babies!

These sweet babies of hers lived for nine months inside her body, and no matter how big of a tantrum they can throw the moment they fall asleep she misses them.

Consider a keepsake that she can either bring with her to work, keep in her car, or wear. Shutterfly has some fantastic sales on gifts for mom that are sure to bring the waterworks.

If you’re not really crafty, Shutterfly has a very helpful service that allows you to upload a bunch of photos and they curate the selection and placement of them into a keepsake photo book. It’s exactly how I made “baby books” for both of the boys and all i had to do was upload some of my favorite photos and choose a style of book.

8 - An Original One Of A Kind Item

There are SO many cute things on Etsy or Amazon that are 100% original and 100% unique, just like your boo.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin, I suggest checking out Home Grown Ceramics, an LA-based pottery company that makes 100% original pieces and sells them on Etsy. I'm a huge fan of their chunky coffee mugs that make me want to actually reheat my coffee and drink it as quickly as I can while it's actually hot.

Some of the super adorable stuff from Homegrown Ceramics! She makes and paints everything by hand!

Some of the super adorable stuff from Homegrown Ceramics! She makes and paints everything by hand!

9 - Something to Help Her Fight the Patriarchy

If the Mom in your life has been even remotely paying attention to the political temperature of our country then she might be walking around like this:

Consider something that she can wear, drink out of, or put on her desk to help her feel inspired in the never-ending fight for equal rights and equal representation in congress.

I’m a momtivist (i.e. I am the social media lead volunteer for my local MOMs Demand Action Against Gun Violence Chapter - text “Ready” to 644-33 if you’re interested in signing up for your own local chapter!). Or check out the site here to see some of the things we’ve been able to accomplish.

If the mom in your life is already a volunteer, check out their awesome swag here (I personally love the “keep going” mug and have several of the shirts).

TL Duryea is the artist behind Flora and May, a prolific impressionist store but she’s also an activist, a feminist, and spent every day of 2018 (and 2019 so far) painting a new portrait of an influential person. She combined her portraits of some of the women she painted into the below “Sheroes” print which can also be bought as a bag, a shirt, and a poster.

TL is also creating a new series this year by painting all of the 102 women who were elected to the House of Representatives and each day she releases a new portrait.

The best thing about these is that they’re affordable original pieces of art.

Which is something that is both rare and amazing at the same time. Check out her site, especially if the left leaning mom in your life might like some female inspirational art.

10 - The Gift of More Time to Do All The Things

Since I started using my Meal Planner Template I’ve been able to free up time to be a more present mom, and a more attentive wife. It sounds silly that something so simple as meal planning can do that but I swear it can.

Read more about it here, and splurge on time for her.

11 - Dinner and a Movie and a Babysitter That She Trusts

Two movie tickets and dinner and a babysitter is a serious splurge for us these days running upward of $200 if we REALLY do it up. Maybe $100 if we just go to the movie and pay for a babysitter.

If you’re lucky to have family close by so you can sneak out, then a) can they come hang out with my boys for a few hours? and b) JKJK. Okay, not really when can they come over?

For the mom who has everything she most likely wants some quality time off from all the things she has (so she can be reminded how much she is grateful for all of the things). T

reat her to a night out.

Click here to order tickets via Fandago. Please note! You must redeem tickets on line for Fandago but they work at nearly every single major movie theater chain.

11 - The Gift of Less Fucks to Give

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck was the book I was listening to on Audible when I decided that I wanted to start the blog. It’s one of those inspiring and also “aha” kind of books that can help you figure out how and where to spend your energy.

12 - Creative Live Classes

If the mom in your life is looking to expand her talents and is curious about learning more about things such as photography and other creative mediums then Creative Live Classes may be the perfect gift.

There are more than 1500 different types of classes ranging from photography, to graphic design, arts and crafts, and even music and audio recording. If the mom in your life wants to feed that need to create this is a perfect gift for her.

A creators pass will give you access to all 1500 plus classes (and only for $299) which works out to be about $25 a month. If that feels like too big of an investment, the lowest budget membership is around $17.

Below are some examples of some of the courses (complete with videos detailing just how clever and informative they are!)

13 - A Blogging Class - Dare to Conquer

Has the mom in your life ever said something about wanting to start a blog? It’s a lot of work (trust me) but it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

The first year and a half I scrambled to do all the things to try and make sense of what the fuck I needed to do to get people to read my shit. Gone are the days of pressing “publish” and people finding you randomly.

Now with bloggers becoming authorities on topics ranging from a keto diet, to crafting, to parenthood, starting your own blog can feel so overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to.

I would have loved to have someone gift me Dare to Conquer.

Dare to Conquer is the blogging class and community I use every single day.

It’s run by a dude named Paul Scrivens who has created over 11 successful websites and businesses. His courses are comprehensive af and also he gives you a play book for what to do and how to do it.

If the mom in your life is considering blogging, Dare to Conquer is easily the most comprehensive one-stop-shop course that she will find.


But it’s not just a course.

When you become a DTC member you’re a member for life, and get access to updated materials as well as being instantly connected to an incredible community of parents and likeminded (and often some of the most successful) creative writers, graphic designers, and coders who are often sharing information, tips, ideas, and anything that’s going on in the blogging world through a dedicated Slack community.

It’s like a water cooler/conference room for bloggers.

It’s also one of the most international groups of people I’ve ever met. Because of this group I have friends all over the world from South Africa, to England, to Korea and Japan.

If blogging is something that is a pipe dream, it doesn’t have to be. It can be a reality and with Dare to Conquer it’s so much easier.

Parenting and Family Routine Classes

Check out this review of Family Routines that’s featured on Worth Writing for, which is a program meant to help busy families establish routines that are realistic and useful and bring a lot of peace to your day.

14 - Kindle Unlimited Membership

Where else can she read all these inspiring books but on her unlimited kindle membership.

Give her the gift of Kindle Unlimited (yes click on that link and it will take you there!) and she can read in bed, continue to listen in the car, and on her phone or iPad while she’s waiting for her spa treatment that you bought her above complete with cucumbers on her eye lids.


15 - An Opportunity to Practice Mindfulness and Journalling

It’s no question that as a busy boss bitch, the mom in your life may not have a lot of time to slow down, be reflective, and decompress (or energize herself for the day) which is why this journal is perfect.

The 5 Second Journal: The Best Daily Journal and Fastest Way to Slow Down, Power Up, and Get Sh*t Done by Mel Robbins is SO Awesome.

Mel wrote the best seller “The 5 Second Rule” and this journal capitalizes on that concept which is basically here’s how to get your shit done.

I love this journal because it helps me set a tone for my day, gets me focused on action, and helps me eliminate distractions and that feeling of overwhelm and dread.

Available on Amazon

Speaking of Journaling…

16 - Record One Line a Day

I love this sweet little notebook to write down some silly or thoughtful or ridiculous statement that your toddler or baby says over the course of five years. What a cool thing to look back on together!

Available on Amazon

17 - Do All of The Laundry (No, Seriously, Like… All of It)

Laundry mountains are a topic of conversation amongst my mom friends.

Boring, lame, laundry, and how much of it we have to wash, and how we don’t have anything clean, and how the laundry mountain just seems to get bigger.

Offer to wash, dry, fold, and put away an entire load of laundry (or like five. Or like all of the laundry for a month) and it will feel like a little slice of heaven to the mom in your life.


Clean clothes on table at home�

18 - Better Sleep (and More of It)

Believe it or not, but sleep is a gift that all mothers may want more than anything else yet, it’s never given enough. Let her sleep in as a sweet gift, or take the kids to the park so she can take a long nap without having to set an alarm or even turn on the baby monitor.

Pro tip:  Don't let a holiday be the only occasion to give the mom in your life a morning off.

But don’t just let her get sleep, give the gift of even better sleep!

By and large the Sleep Number Comfort Select series of pillows gets insanely good reviews for improving sleep. I love it because it’s also supportive to my neck which tends to carry a lot of added #momstress.

You can splurge on a pillow for her by clicking this sleepy link right here.

Alone Time:

My instagram Buddy Jen @ThisLullabylife had the awesome suggestion for a gift for mom: A Credit card, a reservation in a hotel, and a promise not to call or text for 24 hours.

i.e. Sleep, food, and much needed ALONE TIME!

What’s on your Gift ideas for mom wish list?

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