Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything (Gifts That Aren’t Toys!)

I’m going out on a limb here and going to make a huge guess that the kids in your life have a lot of shit. Good for them! And good for you, momma, for living that dream and having a life full of abundance and joy. But it can be tricky to find gifts for kids who have everything (or a gift that isn’t a toy!).

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Maybe you’re like me and were today years old when you first heard “something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read.”

I love this phrase and (okay, I first heard it about fours years ago). Except for some reason giving my kids just four things…felt….sort of sad and depressing.

Like we had this big tree, and they only had four presents? One of which was a book?

( Please meet my privilege. We’re working on it.)

Let’s get into the whole Christmas Gift Ideas for kids things…(or birthday gift ideas for kids…they can kind of be interchangeable huh?) These are some gift ideas for kids who have everything.

Gift Ideas for Kids Who Have Everything – Start Fresh

Research shows that we become habituated to an abundance of anything, from chocolate cake to binging Netflix to even, gasp… Toys.

This is why within a few weeks of getting that sought after toy or game or something that your child has been coveting for as long as you can remember, they’re suddenly not even fucking interested anymore.

Or playing with the box that it came in instead.

Or don’t even notice when you bring it to the garage to “see what happens if I bring this to the garage.”

(ps. I did this with an ENTIRE FUCKING PLAYHOUSE! Like it took up half our playroom. The kind you usually keep outside? I moved it to the garage.)

It took 2 months for my kids to notice it was gone. They only remembered it existed when I gave them a rare special treat—one they hadn’t had in several months, and the last time they had it was in that house. 3 months ago. It’s gone. Bye house.)

Hopefully, before you begin your shopping you have a plan to clear out space in your house for all the non-toy-gift ideas for kids that this post is full of. Because getting rid of clutter in your home is akin to getting rid of clutter in your mind.

Introduce a Toy Rotation System

While I’m super stoked that you’re looking for really unique gift ideas for kids that have everything, (because it led you to read this post on my blog thanks!), I want to encourage you to try pairing back what you already have by instituting a toy rotation system.

Here’s an awesome article on how to introduce a toy rotation system (we have two places for the toy overflow).

I promise this shit works.

We actually have a full closet (out of sight out of mind!) for all the toys. And our boys are only “allowed” two boxes each of the toys on a regular day. If they want a new box of toys (and it’s all by category btw. So all the dinosaurs are in one box. All the cars in one box. So on) they must first clean up a box that’s out and make a trade.

This teaches so many great concepts to your kids – about cleaning up, about navigating what they want and what they have. It also helps you identify toys that don’t get as much love and could be donated or gifted to another family.

I kept the transformers and paw patrol toys hidden in our rotation area for about 6 months (yes!) because our boys weren’t interested in them for a really long time. Dinosaurs and animal toys superseded anything else.

Then suddenly, they wanted to play with the transformers, and we swapped out a bunch of the animals, and my boys have been happily content with their “new old” toys for weeks.

Gift Ideas for Kids Who Have Everything

This list is going to be a bit of a mixture of tangible gifts and also experiences and non-toy gift ideas. Anything from the classic remote control car to awesome Pokemon gift ideas, we’ll explore them together!

This list is also geared more toward slightly older kids (at least school-aged) .

If you’re shopping for a baby or toddler check out my gift guide for a 1-Year-old Baby (boy or girl!).

Because I think it’s essential to have a variety of things and experiences to give your kid so that they can grow up to be fully functioning healthy human beings who appreciate both stuff and also…ya know, makin memories and whatnot.

I’m organizing this list first by “things” and second by “experiences” and third by a little bit of “DIY” inspiration because why not.

Gift Ideas for Kids That Aren’t Toys: Kiwi Crates for Kids

My mom got my boys a subscription to the kiwi crates last year, and it has been an incredible amount of endless joy and excitement in this house.

Every month they deliver two boxes that are age-appropriate to our kids with a craft or science project.

They’re easy to do and fun. Sturdy and made of quality materials. We made a windsock that is still hanging in our back patio, and my oldest “checks the weather” every day based on this.

They’re so fun and so full of endless creativity.

And they’re available for kids of all ages from newborns up to pre-teens!

We’ve even traveled with a few of the “games” s from various kiwi boxes.

You can get up to 4 months free with their holiday special.

Shop KiwiCo Holiday Crates

More Gift Ideas for Kids That Aren’t Toys: Green Kid Crafts

These monthly subscription boxes come with the added bonus of the creators planting a tree with every subscription. The monthly themed boxes explore topics that offer some STEAM projects (math, science, technology), and the younger boxes inspire creativity and active thinking.

These are fantastic no-screen time activities that are fun to do and also eco-friendly using recycled and reusable materials.

You can also pick boxes a’la cart style (instead of a full year monthly subscription), so you can just have three months around the holidays or maybe for a summer birthday activity set.

They have boxes categorized for 2 – 4-year-olds, 5 – 10-year-olds, and 10 and up. Click here to order your Green Kids Crafts box today.

Gift Ideas for Kids who Like to Cook: Cooking Classes via Outschool

Outschool is one of the original online-digital-virtual teaching spaces, long before distance learning was even a thing in 2020.

Outschool has some amazing cooking classes for the little culinary whiz on your list.

There’s also art classes, Science and math classes, and you can even help your kiddo learn a language if they’re interested!

Check out everything Outschool here.

Gift Ideas for Kids Under 10: Osmo

If screen time is a THING in your house, (and who’s house isn’t overrun by screens right now #PandemicLife), then osmo is an awesome way to keep the screen but introduce some learning in the form of hands-on games.

There are games (aka learning opportunities) for every age child up until about age 10.

My youngest is obsessed with the stories pack and the letters that uses characters and squiggles to tell a story.

It is adaptable to an iPad or a kindle fire and uses a little mirror attached to the top of your device to register what the kids “make” on their mat.

Check it out on Amazon to learn more:

(Pro tip – these sets tend to go on sale during Black Friday deals, Prime Day, and others so definitely keep your eye on discounts).

Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Animals: Adopt Wildlife

Do they own a horse?! Kidding aside, horse gifts for young girls and boys can be a good idea. Safety first, but they might even be a future equestrian. If you’ve got some animal lover kids, this is a really cool gift to give them that allows them to feel connected to nature and to the circle of life.

Sierra club allows you to adopt a wild animal of your choice. It comes with a stuffed animal toy and a little book about the animal you’ve adopted.

Gift Ideas for Kids Who Have Everything: Send Your Kids Some Mail

Idk about you, but one of my favorite things as a kid was getting mail addressed to me!

Send your kids monthly mail with a subscription to Highlights magazine, hidden pictures, or national geographic kids magazine.

Join Highlights Hidden Pictures Club and Receive a Free Book and Tote with Your Order Today!

Gift Ideas for Kids Who Like to Draw

For the kid in your life who loves all things drawing, creativity, and more, Osmo is another awesome idea (The Creative pack is great!) But sometimes there’s nothing better than that feeling of pencil/crayon/marker (whatever!) to paper.

Here are some awesome gift ideas for kids who like to draw!

Sunnyglade 145 Piece Deluxe Art Set, Wooden Art Box & Drawing Kit with Crayons, Oil Pastels, Colored Pencils, Watercolor Cakes, Sketch Pencils, Paint Brush, Sharpener, Eraser, Color Chart

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Teal, Amazon Exclusive, Kids Toys, Ages 6+

Crayola Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set, Gift for Kids, 140 Art Supplies

Lulu Jr. Illustory Book Making Kit, Multicolor

Here are even more awesome drawing kits for kids.

Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Science: Science and Experiment Kits

If a subscription box feels like too much of a commitment, have no fear! There are so many excellent science and experiment boxes available that you can get your kids once that they can work with time and again.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Scientific Explorer – My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Crystal Growing Kit

Scientific Explorer – Disgusting Science Kit

Lego Chain Reactions Kit

Magic Science Kit

Kitchen Science Kit

National Geographic Break Open Geodes

Glow and Grow Terrarium

National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit

Dancing Bear Rock and Mineral Collectors Kit

Off-Road Engineering Kit

Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Travel: Little Passports

For the budding travel enthusiast in your life, consider a subscription to little passports. This is SO fun. Each month your child gets an age-appropriate explanation of a new country with some fun craft or souvenir that is specific to the culture of the country featured.

When I was a kid, I used to beg people to send me postcards whenever they traveled anywhere, and I loved collecting pictures and stories from other places.

This is like that except with extra goodies!

Click here to buy Little Passports

GIft Ideas for Kids Who Love Books: Audible Gift for Kids

My kids LOVE listening to books.

Give them a subscription to audible so they can pick and choose their own books, or better yet order some pre-loaded onto their iPad or phone depending on their age.

Audible for Fire TV Audible, Inc.

Gift idea for Kids In Quarantine: Kindle Fire for Kids

If your book lover is really reading, invest in a kindle fire for your kiddos to have access to loads of books.

With the Amazon prime membership you get so many free books too it’s kind of a no brainer (you should get one for yourself too as a treat for all this hard work finding gifts for your kids that have everything).

Gift Ideas for Kids Who Have Everything: Coding Games

For the budding stem-child in your life, some of these coding games, and coding subscription boxes are pretty awesome.

My oldest has the Bitsbox subscription and he both loves and hates it (hates it because it takes him so long to type things in – we’re working on it – loves it because he loves seeing something he made come to life INSTANTLY!)

Check out Bitsbox here.

The Booleen Box is like next level computer building! Check it out here.

Gift idea for Kids That Aren’t Toys: Family Games for Game Night

Do you have a game night in your home yet?

If you don’t, get ready to have some fun with your kids with some of these entertaining family games.

We have a tradition in our family that every Christmas, we get a new “game,” and we play it together on Christmas Eve.

Here are some awesome game night ideas:

Kids Create Absurdity – a family fun card game

Jenga (a Classic!)


Monopoly Jr – for ages 5 and up

Gift idea for kids: Spa Kit for Girls (or Boys!)

Pamper your kiddo with a little home spa kit complete with bath bombs, nail polish, and hair treatments.

Have a little “girl time” or “Mommy and me time” with your kiddo.

Make a little bath and body kit:

My Spa Experience for Kids

Photobooth Spa Day Kit

Master Classes

Master Class is the premier online authority in learning about anything (nearly )from the masters.

Kids interested in Drumming? Sign them up for the class with Ringo Star (it’s not a one on one thing? it’s a pre-recorded class but dang it’s cool!)

Got a child whose passionate about affecting change? Have them sign up for the course with Malala?

Make sure you check out the offerings and see if there is anything that would apply to the whole family? Want to learn about the roots of feminism? or Black History Month? This is a great place to start

Gift idea for kids: Build your own Spa Kit with these staples:

Body Wash

Body Lotion

Bath Poof

Press on Nails

Face Mask for Kids

Bath Pillow

Mommy and Me Matching Robes

A basket to put it all in

Gift idea for kids: Music Lessons

Give your kid the gift that keeps on giving for their stimulation, brain development, and to help them with their creativity with music lessons through Outschool!

A Special Date with You

Let your child pick the place, and the theme and anything that they can do (within reason) with their parent.

Even better if they get to have a special date with each caregiver one on one.

Gift idea for kids: Creative Live Lessons

Creative Live is one of the most premier online platforms connecting elite teachers with students across the world. It’s an awesome platform for budding photographers, graphic designers, or anyone showing interest in a visual or auditory medium!

Writing Supplies and Journals/Diary’s

I love this one line a day journal that allows your kid to start tracking what’s going on every single day over the course of 5 years. If you land it right you can get them through some major transitions.

Here are some other fun journals and sketch pads for your child’s inner creativity.

I also love this 3-minute gratitude journal to help your child practice mindfulness and gratitude

And one question a day for kids where you can create your own time capsule that takes place over 3 years.

Here’s a beautiful Draw and Write Journal

If you have tweens, this mother-daughter journal is a really special way to connect without the pressure of, you know, talking.

And one that I’ll be getting for my boys when they get a bit older: the “just between us” journal for Mother and Son

Gift idea for kids Who Love Nature: Get out there!

We are thoroughly spoiled living in Southern California with a lot of choices for how to get out and about. The beach and the mountains are easily about an hour’s drive either way.

Wherever you live, there is access to nature and probably a nature center somewhere.

There’s something so grounding about getting out into the world in this way, and I find it totally an activity that we can do with our kids that bonds us and also makes us look forward to memories.

if you want to get real fancy, many local parks and nature centers have adopt-an-animal or adopt-a-park programs to encourage funding and the growth of educational programs.

Gift Ideas for Kids: A Room Makeover

Channel your inner Joanna Gaines and hit up Home Goods, Target, and the thrift shop for some decor inspo to totally transform your kid’s room.

If you’re looking for ideas, check out my other site, DGAFdecor, for how to decorate a small room.

The Gift of Classes for Kids

This sort of bridges both the experience and the physical gift gap in that a class can be a tangible gift that you give your ids, but it is such an experience.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got two kids who have their hands in a lot of different activities. Or want to at least.

Give your kids the gift of classes that can help them learn, grow, and experience new things:

Art Classes

Horseback riding classes

Karate classes

American fencing classes

Soccer classes

Tennis classes

(any sports classes)

Classes to expand their interests and broaden their mind

ABC Mouse

And for online learning a gift of ABC Mouse for the entire year.

ABC Mouse is great for kids of all ages – but really it excels for younger kids who are about to enter school or are already learning to read, There are age-appropriate games, and lots of family-friendly shows and activities for them to watch. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your kiddos have awesome content to watch and or engage with.

Gift idea for kids: Kid’s Choice Dinner

I was recently talking to the mom of a 6th grader who shared that every other week their two kids choose where to go for dinner. I love this idea as a reward for homework, or good behavior, or even as a gift for a special event.

Give them a Visa Gift card too and they can channel their inner grown-ups and “pay for dinner.”

Gift idea for kids: Cold Hard Cash

When in doubt, all kids love money. And will welcome it as an ultimate gift.

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