Horse Gifts for Girls, 25+ Horse Gift Ideas She’ll Love

If you’ve got a girl who loves horses in your life, then you’ve gone down the rabbit hole (likely more than once) to find the perfect gift that she doesn’t already have, or that would get her to say “yay!” (not neigh — see what I did there?).

Whether they’re professionals or beginners, hop up on English saddles or ride Western style. Whether she owns her own stable or attends horse riding classes, there’s no stopping horse-loving girls from wanting to spend as much time as they can in the saddle. Side note, if she really loves horses, then I guess you don’t have to wonder anymore what to get the girlfriend for valentine’s day. 😉

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horse gifts for girls

With our collection for equestrians, we’ve put together the ultimate gift guide to equestrian gifts that are sure to make this holiday season special. Or if you’re shopping for her birthday, or an anniversary gift, or just because, you’re in the right place friend.

Go ahead and send this to the parents of the girl who loves horses, or to the girl herself and make sure she doesn’t already have all of these items.

And do yourself a favor, save it to your favorite gift guide board on Pinterest, or bookmark it so you can reference it in the future. I do my best to update gift guides on my blog as often as I can so hopefully all of these are fresh and still readily available (and do me a big favor – if you’re clicking on links below and getting any Error pages or re-directs, gah! My apologies. I’d like to fix it – please email me and I can fix it asap.

horse gifts for little girls

What To Gift Someone Who Likes Horses

This gift guide is tailored a bit more heavily toward young girls who love horses, but there are certainly ideas here for older aged equine lovers as well, or for those who just love horse stuff.

In fact, this gift guide came out of necessity as some of our closest family friends have a little girl whose favorite thing in the world is a horse, and finding the best horse gifts (that she didn’t already have) that was on a theme (i.e. her birthday party was at a stable for goodness sakes).

She’s already gotten some of the jewelry (don’t worry I sourced some of it below) and because she doesn’t own a horse, getting her grooming supplies or stable gear wasn’t exactly practical.

Here are some of the best gifts for the horse-loving family members or friends in your life.

Adorable Horse T-Shirt

This shirt will be her favorite with her favorite animal on it:).

horse gifts for little girls

Horse Stirrup Necklace

Even if she just loves horses, horse racing, or anything horse-related she’ll love this gift! 

horse gifts for young girls

Horse Jewelry Making Kit

Oftentimes, it’s just hard to buy someone a gift they’ll for sure like. A craft project like this is a fun way to bring out her creative side. We just love these horse craft kits.

horse riding gifts for girls

Custom Horse and Girl Poster

When less is more, simplicity is the answer. This poster will surely put a smile on any horse-lover’s face.

gifts for horse girls

Horse Wall Decals

This is a unique gift that definitely keeps giving. How awesome is this decal, BTW?!

gift ideas for girls who love horses

Horse Print

If she just loves horses, make sure she’s got a nice print.

horse riding gifts for girls

What do you get a horsey girl for Christmas?

If you’re shopping for Christmas gifts for the girl who loves horses then there are a few horseback riding gifts perfect under your Christmas tree.

Horse Ornaments

Love horses and Christmas? Horses are beautiful animals. What better way to celebrate that than with this keepsake.

Gypsy Vanner Horse Christmas Ornament, Horse Christmas Gift for Women, Horse Gifts for Horse Lovers

Horse Snow Globe

This is a classic gift to add to the horse décor in your home, or as a good idea for a horse-loving girl.  

horse gifts for girls

Custom Wood Horse Ornament

This ornament is a great idea to give to your favorite horse girl.

horse riding gifts for girls

Horse Gift Box

This thoughtful Christmas present can also be given for birthdays, or to celebrate a graduation.

horse gifts for her

What do you get a horse owner girl?

If the girl you’re shopping for has her own horse, then you’re going to want to check out the best horse riding gifts listed here.

I find these particularly helpful as a non-horse person, there are some things here that the average non-equine shopper might not even know are a thing.

Custom Horse Portrait

What better gift (other than an actual horse) than a painting depicting that which you love.

horse riding gifts for girls

Personalized Saddle Bag /Cell phone Holder

For the girl who spends her free time on the range, but still wants to be connected, this is a great storage alternative for her cell phone. 

gift ideas for girls who love horses

Engraved Horse Brush

Try this beautiful soft engraved horse brush, the gift that keeps giving – she’ll love to brush her horse, and the horse will love being brushed. 

horse riding gifts for girls

Kids Paddock Boots

Perfect for kids who are new horse riders, or for those who have been riding for a while! 

TuffRider Women’s Starter Front Zip Paddock Boots, Black, 7 Buy on Amazon

Grooming Kit and Tote

This is a pretty nifty organization bag. It’s a perfect carry-on for horse riding essentials!

horse gifts for young girls

Really Good Equestrian Gloves for Kids

Getting your kids into horse riding early? Then this glove is essential! It’s the perfect size for little hands.

horse gifts for young girls

Show Helmet

If you’ve got young riders a show helmet is a must! You never know when they’ll be wanting to perform.

horse riding gifts for girls

Horse Treats

These are one of our favorite equine-related gifts for horse-loving girls.

horse gifts for girls

What to gift someone who likes horses?

If she isn’t riding horses but just REALLY likes horses then these are the horse gift ideas really round out this ultimate guide.

Horse Gift Box

Horse gift boxes make great gift ideas for a teen girl.

gift ideas for girls who love horses

Horse Charm Bracelet

This is a beautiful personalized gift. The best part is it will last a long time and bring memories for years to come. These are an awesome gift idea for teenage girls or special occasions.

horse riding gifts for girls

Horse Necklace

If the bracelet doesn’t float your boat, then why not go for the necklace? This is a lovely birthday gift idea.

horse gifts for little girls

Horse Tote Bags

Pro tip, these come in different colors and are perfect for someone who has a serious love of horses. It can be a great tote to carry things to and from the poool too when she’s taking a break from horse back riding and experiencing all the fun of summer activities.

horse riding gifts for girls

Horse plushie

These are so adorable and come in a variety of different colors. Sidenote, this plushie works wonders too if you’re calming a kindergartner’s anxiety first day of school. They’ll be glad to have this along with them!

horse riding gifts for girls

Horse Toy

If she doesn’t already have all the horse toys imaginable, then consider these adorable Melissa and Doug toys that come with horse stalls. My son actually is obsessed with these.

Melissa & Doug Pasture Pals – 12 Collectible Horses With Wooden Barn-Shaped Crate Buy on Amazon

A Real Horse (Classes, rent, or buy or lease)

This list really wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the horse in the room. Yes. This is a big gift. And it comes with a long time commitment to taking care of, and all of the responsibility of owning a horse. If you’re not sure where to begin, consider reaching out to a local horse trainer in your area. This is a good place to learn more about the different sizes of horses and locations of stables and different breeds.

horse gifts for girls

Custom Horse Socks

Oh, yes! We’re not yet done with horse-themed wearables. These are a whole thing. People go crazy for custom socks, especially in cold weather.

horse gifts for her

Riding Boots 

You know, say you’re opposed to horse-riding, if her heart is really in it, she’ll find a way. Might as well get her the right gear! If not the gloves or helmet, then these boots are awesome as well! Make sure you get the right size as it can really affect her feel in the saddle.

Riding Sport by Dover Saddlery Kids’ Provenance Zip Paddock Boots, Size 1, Black Buy on Amazon

A Sleek Ez De-shedding Tool

If y’all are taking care of horses, then this, too, is an essential tool! This thing will become your new best friend.

SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool for Dogs, Cats & Horses – Undercoat Brush for Short & Long Hair – Painlessly Remove 95% of Loose, Matted & Tangled Hair – Easy to Clean – USA Made – (10 inch) Buy on Amazon

Horse Coloring Book

These are great for young kids.

gifts for horse girls

Horse Adult Coloring Book

May as well get one of these for the teenage years as there’s a good chance she’s still gonna be thinking about horses.

gift ideas for girls who love horses

Horse Figurines Craft Kit

This usually tops on our creative horse lover’s wish list.

horse gifts for girls

What to get girls that like horses?

So glad you asked. If you’re still reading – and you’re still looking for the perfect horse-themed gifts for her, keep scrolling my friend! We’ve got gifts to get to!

Horse Socks

To keep your feet warm and cozy, these are great gift ideas for horse-loving girls.

gifts for horse girls

Horse Themed Mugs

I don’t know about you but I REALLY appreciate custom things. The good news is these can be completely customizable.

horse riding gifts for girls

Horse Books

The best thing to do with passion is to nurture it. This Vintage collection of horse books is an awesome addition to any home library.

horse gifts for her

Horse Bookmark

And if you get the book, guess what goes with that perfectly? 😉

horse gifts for young girls

Horse Lovers Gift Box set of cards, bookmarks, and more

I love the choices of these gift options.

horse gifts for little girls

Horse Themed Clothing

Let her wear her love of horses, it’s one of the best ways to show her you love her passion too.

horse gifts for little girls

Horse-Themed Accessories

One of the best things about collecting horse-themed items is the accessories!

gifts for horse girls

Horse Jewelry

Be sure to check out the sterling silver options for a special occasion.

horse gifts for young girls

Custom Handmade Plushie

With the help of this Etsy store, turn your favorite horse into a keep sake you can always remember them by.

gifts for horse girls

If you’re looking for a special gift for the horse lover in your life, look no further! We’ve put together a list of unique gifts that any girl who loves horses will adore. From beautiful jewelry to fun clothing and accessories, we’ve got something for everyone on this list.

Did we miss something? Please comment below.

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