Summer Crafts for Kids That Will Keep Them Busy All Season Long

Long summer days call for all kinds of fun activities to do with your kids, but let’s face it: Kids can be restless after a certain point in the day, and there are only so many trips to the playground you can take before you just want some peace and quiet (not to mention adult-only time).

 A crafty project that your kids can make by themselves might be just what you need to get them occupied while still having fun—and they’ll love showing off their new skills once the project is done!

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easy summer crafts for kids

Sticky Nature Cards:

We love playing cards at our house, and we also love spending time outside. With these nature-themed playing cards, your kids can learn while they play! (Bonus: they’ll be learning something valuable while they think they’re just goofing off.) Each card has a different outdoor activity on it—everything from bird watching to leaf rubbing to bug hunting. This is a great way to get your kids excited about getting out of the house and exploring their natural environment.

summer crafts for kids

Seashell Necklace

Collecting shells on a beach vacation is always fun, but then comes a question: What to do with them once you get home? Instead of tossing your shells out, string them together to make a pretty summer necklace. And don’t limit yourself to seashells—you can also string together river rocks, buttons and beads. Your kids will love learning how to make it themselves (they’ll be especially proud when they wear it) and wearing their creation all summer long.

easy summer crafts for kids

Sidewalk Chalk Paint:

Sidewalk chalk paint is an alternative to sidewalk chalk! It’s easy to make, it lasts longer than traditional sidewalk chalk, and your kids will love seeing their creations all over your driveway. You can also use it on driveways or grass at other houses, too!  And don’t worry about it staining anything—it washes off easily with a hose.

fun summer crafts for kids

Dye Sand at the Beach:

The best thing about having kids? Watching them enjoy their childhood. The worst thing about having kids? Watching them grow up (ugh it really does go so fast!). Sand play at the beach is one of those magical core memories that everyone can enjoy. Whilst your there, it might be worth your while to try some of these summer water activities for kids!

summer arts and crafts for kids

Water Bottle Craft Wind Spiral:

Water Bottle Wind Spirals are easy to make and only require a few simple supplies. They will add colorful flair to your backyard, and offer kids a fun way to entertain themselves on hot summer days. You can hang them from trees or string them up in an umbrella as an indoor decoration when summer is over. This project is good for all ages, and is also good for younger children who have trouble tying knots (they don’t need to tie anything).

easy summer crafts for kids

Pineapple Necklace Kids

This project will teach your kids about symmetry and color mixing. It’s also a great way to recycle broken crayons! You can make these necklaces with any type of paper you have lying around, but cardstock is best because it doesn’t wrinkle as easily.

fun summer crafts for kids

Ladybug craft with toilet paper rolls:

If you’re looking to keep kids occupied over summer vacation, DIY crafts are a great way to do so. This ladybug craft, using toilet paper rolls (and a few other items), is fun and easy enough that kids can make it all on their own.

And because it uses materials you probably already have around your house, there’s no need to go out and buy anything extra. The end result? A cute decoration they can hang in their room or give as a gift to friends or family members.

summer crafts for kids+printable

Glow stick lanterns:

With just a few items that you likely already have on hand, you can create a fun glow stick lantern to light up summer nights.

Add a glow stick, some colorful tissue paper, and yarn or string to plastic cups and plastic wrap—and presto! You’ve got homemade night lights that you can use anywhere inside or outside your home.

For added fun, create different color combinations by using multi-colored glow sticks in each cup.

summer crafts for kids

Firefly Corner Bookmark:

Your kids will love making these glow-in-the-dark bookmarks that look like fireflies, and you’ll feel good knowing they’re helping to save endangered species.

Cutting out small shapes is a great early reader activity, but because it requires safety scissors (if your kids are too young) or a cutting mat and rotary cutter (if they can handle those tools), it helps older kids practice advanced cutting skills.

easy summer crafts for kids

Paper Flowers:

This is an incredibly easy and quick craft that your kids will love to make. You can let them use whatever colors they want, or you can tell them that they need to pick colors based on what flowers would be growing in a garden.

Either way, it’s a project that your kids will love.

Plus, once you see how easy it is to make these paper flowers, you might start making them yourself! Flowers like roses or tulips are fun choices because they come out looking just like real flowers!

fun summer crafts for kids

DIY Friendship Bracelets:

This craft is a perfect boredom buster. . Grab a few pairs of scissors and let your kids go wild with some friendship bracelets—they’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make them.

DIY projects are also an excellent way to get your kids involved in helping around the house or even in organizing and cleaning.

You can learn a lot from children when it comes to doing things without instructions, too.

summer arts and crafts for kids

Unicorn Toilet Roll Craft:

Use toilet paper rolls and pipe cleaners to make these adorable little unicorns. They look pretty on a bedside table, but they’re also great decorative items, especially if you have small children.

What I love about this project is that it requires very little creative skill to achieve stunning results! If you can roll a ball of toilet paper and twist two bits of pipe cleaner together, then you’re all set.

easy summer crafts for kids

Easy Marbled Seashell Art:

This project requires minimal supplies and a bit of preparation, but marbled seashell art is just as easy as it is beautiful.

You’ll need at least one seashell per child (more if you have more kids or they want to do multiple designs), toothpicks, masking tape, a craft stick, and paper towels.

fun summer crafts for kids

Family Tie Dye Water Gun :

Are you ready to get soaked? You and your kids can have a blast with a one-of-kind water gun! They’re easy to make, inexpensive and tons of fun!

Fill two large squirt guns with two different colors of dye.

Get creative by using food coloring or neon paints! Squirt each other in water fights. Blow up some balloons and decorate them with markers, glitter or streamers. Tie them off and give them to someone you love as gifts. 

summer arts and crafts for kids

Handprint Jellyfish Craft:

Your kids will love creating these cute, quirky handprint jellyfish crafts. They’re easy to make and they’ll keep your kids busy all summer long.

summer crafts for kids

Melted Crayon Art:

Crayons are such a fun, colorful medium to use in art projects. To make these simple melted crayon art pieces, you’ll need an oven (or toaster oven), some crayons, and construction paper.

Kids can make basic shapes with their colors or even add their own flair by drawing designs on top of their melted wax creations!

summer arts and crafts for kids

Fun Paint Poured Popsicle Stick Bracelets:

If you’re looking for a fun project to keep your kids busy all summer long, why not try paint-poured bracelets?

Fun, easy, and inexpensive (and good for them too!), these bracelets are not only great for helping kids strengthen their fine motor skills but also give them a chance to get creative with their summer.

Use up leftover craft supplies in your stash to make unique bracelets that they can create their own patterns on!

summer crafts for kids

Pulp Paper Balls:

Pulp paper balls are quick and easy to make, perfect for making with toddlers. Plus, they don’t cause any mess at all.

These work great as summer crafts for kids because you can even let them throw them around outside (because pulp paper is biodegradable). 

Just be sure that they wear an old shirt or play in a well-ventilated area so that they don’t get covered in little bits of pulp. It also helps if you use a small paintbrush to dip into glue before rolling it onto your child’s arm or hand—this will help give their fingers better traction when making their ball.

easy summer crafts for kids

DIY Rainbow Rice Sensory Bins:

Inexpensive and easy to set up, rainbow rice sensory bins are always a hit with young kids. Just pour some rice into a clean Tupperware container, add water and food coloring, and watch as your little one plays away.

This activity also encourages fine motor skills and shape recognition. Follow these steps on how to make one of your own!

fun summer crafts for kids

Weekend Clothespin Crafts with Discount School Supply:

Clothespins aren’t just great for hanging wet towels and art projects, they can be used to create some great summer crafts that your kids will love.

With a little imagination, these simple items can turn into beautiful artwork. Best of all, these DIY clothespin craft ideas won’t break your budget.

summer arts and crafts for kids

Tie Dye:

This is a project that’s great for a group of kids. It’s also cheap and easy enough that it doesn’t matter if they don’t quite get it right—and every kid is guaranteed to end up with something unique.

For supplies, you can buy dye at most craft stores.

easy summer crafts for kids

The best way for kids to stay engaged and enjoy summer is by the constant stream of fun crafts you can make with them. Some of the coolest summer crafts that your kids can do are included here. There are friendship bracelets, sand art, seashell crafts, silk flower bouquets, and many more summer crafts for kids that will surely keep them entertained and feeling creative.

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