25+ Delicious Leftover Chicken Breast Recipes for the Win

Did you know that leftover chicken breasts from a meal can be used in more than just an omelet or stir-fry? Chicken breasts are one of the most versatile and commonly used types of meat in the American diet. They’re also easy to cook up in bulk, then store and use throughout the week in […]

Easy AF Chicken Recipes for When You’re Tired of Chicken

Chicken dinners are staple here for busy weeknights. They’re relatively cheap. There’s a lot of variety without a lot of work ( usually) and as a bonus my kids tend to eat most of the chicken dinner ideas I drum up. But I’ll be honest. Eating Chicken for all of our weekly meals…can be…well. Fucking […]

19 Kids Water Activities for Summer That Will Keep Them Cool

It’s summer, which means it’s hot outside and your kids are going to want to spend as much time as possible swimming and splashing around in the water! Keep them cool and entertained this summer with these fun and easy ideas for summer water activities for kids! Some of the links below contain affiliate links, […]

Bye Bye Binky, How to Get Rid of the Pacifier with No Tears and No Drama

Do you have a baby addicted to their binky or pacifier (or dummy as they call it in some countries?) Are you stressing about how to wean the pacifier? And how to deal with the oncoming onslaught of tears and resistance? Look no further, as I’ve got some simple steps to help you get rid of the pacifier for good. […]

Summer Crafts for Kids That Will Keep Them Busy All Season Long

Long summer days call for all kinds of fun activities to do with your kids, but let’s face it: Kids can be restless after a certain point in the day, and there are only so many trips to the playground you can take before you just want some peace and quiet (not to mention adult-only […]

Easy Summer Party Desserts: Delicious Recipes for a Sweet Celebration

Summertime is the perfect time for get-togethers and parties! What better way to celebrate than with some sweet treats? In this blog post, we will share some of our favorite recipes for summertime parties. Whether you are looking for a sweet and simple treat or something more elaborate, we have you covered. So gather your […]

Do Formula Fed Babies Sleep Longer?

For many new moms, the myth of the sleeping baby is exactly that. A myth. While some moms will do anything it takes to sleep even with a baby other parents find themselves navigating what I’ve come to believe is an old wives tale of formula-fed babies sleeping longer than their breastfed babies after nighttime […]

4th of July Crafts for Kids: 21 red, white, blue crafts

Fourth of July is here and it’s time to celebrate our country’s independence with some red, white, and blue crafts for kids. I have done the research for you to find 21 easy fourth of July crafts for kids that are fun and easy to do. They are also very patriotic and a lot of […]

Easy No Bake Fourth of July Desserts

Get ready for your 4th of July cookout with these easy no-bake patriotic fourth of July desserts. For me, the summer is all about lazy cooking. And for years, our family was the family hosting the 4th of July cookout – each year inviting a few families over to grill, drink, socialize and then walk […]

Can You Reheat Formula?

Baby formula is expensive AF. Even if you’re getting it in bulk, with coupons, you’re having to still justify the cost to feed formula to your baby (especially when you might be seeing or hearing everyone around you saying “breast milk is free!” I experienced this early as a first time mom and even though […]