19 Homemade Father’s Day Crafts That Make Great Gifts for Dad

19 Homemade Father’s Day Crafts That Make Great Gifts for Dad

You’re running out of time to get your Father’s Day gift and you’re not sure what to do. Gasp! Don’t fear my friend, we have the perfect solution for you-homemade crafts for father’s day! There are many different father’s day craft ideas that can be made from recycled materials or items around the house. It’s a great way to show Dad how much he means to you and that you care. Have fun crafting these homemade crafts for Father’s day!

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craft ideas for father's day

What can I make for Father’s Day Easy?

There are many different crafts you can make for Father’s day, all of which are easy and fun. Here are a few ideas:

1. A photo collage- This is a great way to show Dad how much you love him and features photos of the two of you together. You can use old or new photos, whichever you prefer.

2. A Father’s Day card- This is a must-have for any Father’s day gift. You can get creative with the design and include a heartfelt message inside. We’ve got plenty of ideas for homemade father’s day cards in this post to help you.

father's day craft images easy

3. A mug or ornament with a photo of Dad on it– This is a great way to show Dad how much you love and appreciate him. You can use a photo of him from any time in his life, or even one from the present.

Check out this Custom Photo Art from Minted. One of my favorite sources for photo related gifts – I love that they work with small businesses/artists to create their wares.

4. A personalized book- This is a great way to commemorate Father’s day and all of the amazing moments you’ve shared with Dad over the years. You can create it yourself or have someone else do it for you. I’ve got some great ideas below to get you crafting for Father’s Day.

father's day easy craft ideas

What can I do for Father’s Day at home?

There are many ways to celebrate Father’s day at home or out on the town. Here are a few ideas:

1. Make a special Father’s day breakfast – This is a great way to start the day and show the dad in your life how much you love him. Include his favorite foods in the breakfast menu.

2. Create a Father’s day scavenger hunt- This is a fun way to get the whole family involved and spend time with Dad. Hide clues around the house and have everyone work together to solve them and/or depending on how old your children are, have them plant the clues and watch the thrill of them “helping” dad to find the hidden items.

3. Have a picnic in the park- This is a great way to spend time outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather. Pack a basket with Dad’s favorite foods and drinks and find a park to relax in.

4. Go out to eat- This is a great way to celebrate Father’s day and let Dad choose where he wants to eat. Find his favorite restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal. If you’ve got little kids, maybe make this a date dinner where it’s just you. If you’re celebrating grand for father’s day consider a big dinner or brunch with the whole family.

Now that you’ve got a solid plan for celebrating father’s day with dad, let’s get into some homemade father’s day gifts you can spoil him with.

Get to Know Dad: a Father’s Day Activity Just for Dad

Get to Know Dad: a Father’s Day Activity Just for Dad is an educational activity geared towards kids. This is something every little one should do as a summer bucket list for kids idea. It is designed so that your child can ask dad questions and learn more about him while they are browsing through the pages. The questions cover topics such as who their hero(es) are, what motivates them, how they spend their free time – it asks any question a kid might want to know about his or her dad.


To Do List | Let’s Fucking Do This – A To-Do List To Get Shit Done


All About Dad Printable

The idea behind this printable questionnaire is to help children get to know the man in the title role of fatherhood by asking questions with various answer options and then offering suggested responses. We hope that you enjoy reading these answers and your child gets some fun out of writing them down!

children's craft ideas for father's day

Father’s Day Craft Ideas for Kindergarten:

These Father’s Day crafts are good for little hands. They can practice their scissor skills and motor skills with a father’s day craft idea for kindergartners:

Black Glue Tie Craft

Simply mix a little black acrylic gel in a bottle of glue to design this adorable Father’s Day tie picture. Then have your little one color the areas/pattern of the tie. Also, if you want to use green rather than black, then you might just have a great St. Patrick’s day craft idea on your hands!

father's day art and craft ideas for preschoolers

Shadow Box Superhero Lego Father’s Day Craft

This is an adorable homemade father’s day craft that will definitely make dad smile. Using a frame and some lego pieces you can create this adorable shadowbox superhero children’s craft.

father's day craft ideas for kindergarten

Father’s Day Easy Crafts

Creating easy father’s day crafts is a great way to share that you love dad but on a budget.

DIY Father’s Day Tie Cards

A handmade card for Dad is a perfect easy father’s day craft that comes from the heart. This tie card is a fun and simple way to show dad you care! As far as Father’s day gift ideas go, this one is sure to warm his heart!

father's day easy craft ideas

Father’s Day Activities in Spanish

My boys are both in a DLI Program and I love how there is more and more content available for father’s day activities that are bi-lingual in Spanish and English.

craft ideas for father's day

Craft Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s day craft ideas that can use some found objects at home , recycled materials or things you have on hand.

Father’s Day Handprint Canvas

This is an easy fathers day craft that can be made with things you have around the house. A handprint canvas is a great way to capture your child’s handprint and to include a personal message from them for dad. Also, this works great as craft ideas for Mother’s Day as well!

paper homemade father day crafts

Golf Bag Tags (Or Luggage Bag Tags)

This is such a thoughtful idea that may last a really long time depending. I imagine these could even work for a tennis or basketball gym bag. And definitely as a father’s day gift idea for a dad who travels a lot by turning it into a luggage tag.

father's day craft ideas

Picture frame Craft for Dad

This is such a sweet and thoughtful father’s day craft idea for kids to give dad something colorful to remind them of their father and child bond.

craft ideas for father's day

Amazon Father’s Day Baseball Picture Frame Gift for Kids (craft kits makes 12) Hang or use as a magnet makes the perfect gift

Perfect for the baseball lover dad. This picture frame is a quick father’s day gift idea that reminds him what a great catch he really is. These are great as a craft for a small preschool or kindergarten class.

Father’s Day Baseball Picture Frame Gift for Kids (craft kits makes 12) Hang or use as a magnet makes the perfect gift

Oriental Trading Company

Father’s Day Art and Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

These are adorable last-minute craft ideas to pull of for father’s day and come with a lot of creativity for the crafty mom or teacher.

Printable Dad’s Portrait drawing

It doesn’t get much easier than a printable for your child to simply color and if you want to go that extra step, add a cheap dollar store frame to it.

father's day craft ideas for toddlers

Father’s Day Coloring Pages

Printable father’s day coloring pages are a great way to show dad you care through arts and crafts, but without having to come up with something entirely from scratch. These make great quick cards for grandpa for father’s day too!

father's day craft gift ideas
father's day art and craft ideas for preschoolers

Father’s Day Craft Gift Ideas

Building Memories Jar

What a sweet and thoughtful way to share your experience with Dad as part of his father’s day gift. Pro tip – after all the blocks have been “redeemed” be sure to make something together with dad for a forever keepsake. This makes a great Valentine’s Day Craft for any kindergartners too.

homemade father day crafts

Simple Rocket Father’s Day Card

I love the idea of this rocket ship is such an adorable homemade father’s day card that really says how everything and is super fun to make too.

father's day craft ideas for kindergarten

Children’s Craft Ideas for Father’s Day

These homemade father’s day crafts for children are so creative and perfect to get the kids involved in the Father’s day celebration.

Printable Footprint Craft

Oh how I adore a footprint craft to memorialize the sweet little feet at the size they are right now.

father's day craft ideas for toddlers

Dad rocks Paperweight

Obviously, Dad rocks. But these clever paperweights can remind him when he’s got the window’s open and that breeze cuts through at his office.

father's day craft ideas for kindergarten

DIY Rock Trivet

For the father who likes to cook, this Rock Trivet is a thoughtful craft idea for father’s day that will get tons of use, and hopefully, always remind him of your bond.

father's day craft ideas for toddlers

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for New Dads

When it comes to the new dad, cherishing those moments where they are super tiny is a perfect way to celebrate a first father’s day.

Embroidered Photo

This adorable embroidered photo is perfect to have a photo of dad and baby together.

craft ideas for father's day

Our Fingers May be Small Keepsake Frame

For a purchased craft from Etsy check out this listing to get your kiddos’ handprints turned into a keepsake frame. https://tidd.ly/3vk2v6r

craft ideas for father's day

Handprint Art for Father’s Day

This sign that says it all and includes your child handprint is another amazing and inexpensive craft gift for father’s day.

father's day craft ideas for kindergarten

Paper Homemade Father’s Day Crafts

These Father’s day cards from paper are so easy to make, your child can probably do it themselves with a little help from you.

All About My Dad – All About my Grandpa Printables

Get to know dad a little better with these “all about my dad” and “all about my grandpa” printables –

father's day craft ideas for preschool

All About My Dad Book

If one page isn’t enough, why not make an entire book to get to know dad and share the reasons you love each other for him to always cherish.

father's day craft ideas for preschool

Printable Picture Frame for Daddy

This instant download of an art piece allows you to combine the best of all the worlds – a one of a kind piece of art that your kids alone can create for father’s day, and the simplicity of throwing $5 or $6 at a vendor on Etsy who has done the heavy lifting of the creating this piece for you. Add an inexpensive frame from Amazon and father’s day craft is DONE.

Printable father's day handprint art

Last-Minute Father’s Day Craft Gift Ideas

We get it. Father’s day is like TOMORROW, and you need to get it together and create some last-minute father’s day craft ideas. This whole list has got you.. but these, in particular, can be thrown together in just a few minutes (and maybe an hour or so to dry for the paint ones)

Handprint DIY canvas painting

Handprints + Canvas (girl you can get this delivered tomorrow via Amazon or run to Michaels or maybe you’re lucky and you have some left over canvas at home from a prior craft. Whatever the case, this is a quick one to throw together. TK link to canvas from Amazon and Paints.

father's day craft gift ideas

Father’s Day Crafts On Amazon

Here’s some more awesome father’s day crafts you can find on Amazon and have delivered just in time!

A Little Book About My Awesome Dad: Fill in The Blank Book With Prompts For Kids to Fill with their Own Words, Drawings and Pictures | Unique … Fill In The Blank Family Books For Kids)

And if you want a more complete guide for gift ideas for the dad who has everything make sure you check out this post. TK LINK FOR POST.

Whether you’re looking for a DIY project or an easy way to show dad how much he means to you, these homemade craft ideas for father’s day are sure to please. We hope you enjoy them! What is your favorite way to celebrate dad for father’s day? Let us know in the comments below.

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