Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas for Kindergartners

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and what better way to celebrate than with some fun and easy Valentine’s day crafts for kindergartners? In this article, we share a few of our favorite ideas that are perfect for kids of all ages! From simple coloring pages to adorable hot air balloons, these crafts are sure to keep the little ones busy and entertained. So grab your supplies and get crafting!

As a room parent in my kindergartner’s room, I took to Pinterest and Google looking for some of the best ideas for Kinder kids, and was surprised to see there weren’t any age-specific/grade specific ideas. Yes, Valentine’s day crafts for preschoolers can definitely translate to this age group. As well as Valentine’s day crafts for older kids…
But there’s something so special about a kindergarten class room that really is unlike any other grade.

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Why These Valentine’s Day Crafts are Specific for Kindergartners

In order to write clearly and have control over their pencils, kindergartners need to build dexterity and strength in their fingers. Additionally, practicing scissor skills will help them cut neatly and effectively. By working on these skills early on, (Pre-school, TK, and Kindergarten!) they’ll be able to develop good habits that will last throughout their schooling years.

This is one of the many reasons why I love some of the below crafts. They’re adorable, they make great gifts for family members or as a kindergarten class activity for Valentine’s Day, and they’re able to help develop some of those necessary building block skills that all Kinder teachers love to see.

Supplies Needed for your Kindergarten Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. We’ve gathered up some of our favorite simple and easy crafts that kindergartners will love. But in order to make these crafts, you’ll need some easy supplies! So gather up your materials and let the crafting begin:

*All the below materials are things you’ll need for all of the crafts for valentines listed below. So if you’re only making one or two things, you’ll want to click through to the post to make sure you have exactly what you need.

  • Red/pink construction paper
  • Googley eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue stick (or glue gun – but be careful as you’ll need extra supervision for this)
  • Hole punch or thumbtacks
  • Leftover cardboard
  • Crayons/Paint
  • Lollipops (for the Lollipop lovebug)

Mosaic Heart Valentines Day Craft for Kindergartners

This is an awesome last-minute valentines day craft for kinder kids that can be thrown together with leftover construction paper, paper, magazines, or even bits of mail! Little fingers LOVE to rip the paper, but it can also be done in advance by an adult. This is a super fun and creative way to get your Valentine’s day festivities going.

Lollipop Love Bug – Valentines Day Treat and Craft for Kindergarten class

This is a super quick and easy Valentine’s day craft your kindergartners will love. With a few googley eyes glued onto a lollipop and some cute red hearts cut out of construction paper, it’s the kind of craft that little fingers love to make, with the added reward of a treat at the end.

Cute Owl Corner Bookmarks – Valentines Day Craft Idea for Kindergartners

For budding kindergarten readers, this craft is perfectly adorable and multifunctional. Plus having the option to save their space with this cute little bookmark is a great motivator. Plus, this doubles as a great mother’s day craft for kids too!

Valentines Day Hugs Craft – Easy Kindergarten Valentines Day Craft

Why we love this project: A valentine’s hug craft for kindergartners is the perfect classroom project for kids of all ages! Actually, older kids will love it too. This has everything: scissor skill practice, folding practice, and it’s a really sweet gift to give to grandparents, parents, or other caregivers.

This is one of our favorite, easy, Valentine’s day crafts for kindergartners.

Valentines Day Love Shacks With Recycled Cardboard: Valentines Day Craft for Kindergarteners

I love a recycled arts and crafts project. In fact, that’s one of my boy’s favorite ways to find inspiration. “What can we reuse, momma!”

You will need to buy a few additional items to make this craft, but nothing too expensive or unusual. These duplicate as an excellent stem craft that utilizes all those dexterity skills and mental agility.

Valentines Day Bingo: Fun and Easy Valentines Day Activity for Kindergartners

What kindergarten Valentine’s day activity is complete without a round of Bingo! This is so easy, and super fun. The kids will LOVE calling out bingo. Use leftover torn paper from your Mosaic craft (if you have any) or other scraps of paper for the kiddos. And hey, maybe Dad can join in too and this can become one of those fantastic craft ideas for Father’s Day!

Valentines Day Pencil Toppers – Activity and Valentine craft for Kindergartners

These Valentine Pencil Toppers are an easy project for kids to do in the classroom, or in other group settings. They are a great way to show your love for Valentine’s Day, and can be used as decorations or gifts.

Valentines Day Hot Air Balloons! Cute and Easy Craft for Kindergartners

Looking for something to keep your kindergartner busy Valentine’s Day? The Valentines day hot air balloons are a fun and easy craft for kindergartners to make that can double as a gift for caregivers or as a fun classroom decor. Depending on how big they are, you may even help your kindergartner make them for the entire class as a valentine’s gift!

Valentines Day Coloring Pages – Valentines Day Craft Ideas for Kindergarten

Valentine’s day coloring pages are a great way for kindergartners to celebrate the holiday. The simple designs are perfect for kids, and they can also be used as a card or gift.

Valentine’s Tic Tac Toe – Cute and Easy Craft/Activity for Kindergartner’s

This Tic Tac Toe board is super cute and fun and can be made easily with inexpensive craft supplies. It’s a super fun and interactive activity your kindergartner will love!

Valentine’s Heart Wreath – Cute and simple Valentine’s Day Craft for Kindergartner’s

This is such a cute and simple craft that older kids or kindergartner’s or preschoolers can do easily. You can use sweethearts (although I like to stray from anything that is an ant magnet) or cut out little cardboard hearts or find pre-cut hearts from Michael’s or another crafting store.

Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug – Adorable Valentine’s Day Kindergarten Craft

This adorable craft using toilet paper rolls is so cute and simple. Your Kindergartener will LOVE their new pet ladybug.

Valentine’s Day Tinker Tray for Kindergarteners

Tinker trays are a fun way to tinker, create and explore. They’re perfect for open-ended activities where the process is just as important as your end result.

I recommend buying one or two special items so that you can use things around your home like leftover craft projects from previous years – they’ll be great additions if this sounds like something new up YOUR alley then go ahead with purchasing because these will make fantastic gifts too 😉

This adorable tinker tray is perfect for a small classroom area during a valentine’s day party, or as an individual activity at home. It promises to give your child endless entertainment (and you some peace and quiet!)

Also, if you’re wondering what to get a girlfriend for valentine’s day, this works too!

Valentine Heart Garland – Cute and Simple Craft for Kindergartners

This easy craft is perfect for kindergartners and can be made with a variety of different materials. Kids will love making this garland and decorating their home or classroom with it.

Valentine Painted Hearts – Valentine’s Day Craft for Kindergartners

Valentine’s Day is a time to show your love for those around you. What better way to show your love than by giving a handmade gift? These heart-painted rocks are so adorable and can become a sweet keepsake for your kindergarten class, their parents, or caregivers.

Yes, you will get messy. Yes, there will need to be supervision. And yes, they will have much messier versions of these painted rocks, but the memories and the adorable idea of it are just too sweet.

Free Valentine’s Day Printed Banner – Perfect Classroom Valentine’s Decor for Kindergarten

This is a super easy and fun way to make your classroom or home festive for Valentine’s Day. And who doesn’t love a printable free banner! Great for class parents to print and hang up or for a kindergarten teacher to dress up the classroom.

Valentine’s Day is a special day where people celebrate love and friendship. What better way to commemorate the holiday than by getting crafty with your kindergartner? These easy and adorable crafts are perfect for kids of all ages, and they are a great way to get in the Valentine’s spirit! Crafting is a fun and interactive way to spend time with your child, and it also teaches them important skills like creativity and patience. So grab your supplies and get crafting!

If you’re looking for some more awesome Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids, check out this post from Liz at Worth Writing for.

We hope this list of craft ideas will inspire you to spend some quality time with your little ones and create something special. Have fun and enjoy this time with the little ones in your life! Whether it’s just one child or an entire classroom, these Valentine’s day crafts for Kindergartners are sure to be a hit. Keep us posted on how things go—we would love to see pictures of all the creative projects you put together!

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