Wafflecomb Review: Waffle Cones Better Than the Best You’ve Ever Had

Wafflecomb, a new ice cream slash bubble waffle joint in Santa Clarita invited me to try out the ice cream and report about what I found. I brought along my crew of ice cream connoisseurs which included my hubby, my two boys, and my sister-in-law to put the place to a proper test. While Wafflecomb did sponsor our treats, the opinions reflected in this article are entirely my own. And spoiler alert: the opinion from this ice-cream loving group is that Wafflecomb will likely become our new favorite go-to ice cream spot in town.

Waffle Comb in Santa Clarita, CA

What is Wafflecomb, Exactly?

In some ways, I almost wish that the name of the shop was actually “bubble waffle” to more accurately reflect the delicious treats they sell.  I’ve only ever had traditional waffle cone ice cream cones before and honestly; they’re not my fav. I don’t love the thin, crunchy texture and I typically end up opting for something in a cup or a regular ice cream cone when I get an ice cream treat.

This is why when I first arrived at Wafflecomb and started talking to the owner’s daughter, Riley, about all the flavors of ice cream I didn’t even think to ask about what makes their waffle cones waffleCOMBS. I assumed it would be just like all the rest.

This was a grave mistake. (Although, confirms my instincts to not research a place before I visit it…I like to be surprised.)

By and large, the waffle part of this particular ice cream delivery mechanism is THE BEST THING I’VE EVER HAD AT AN ICE CREAM SHOP.

Sorry for yelling. But. O.M.G.

Here’s the thing. A bubble waffle is not like a waffle cone at all, but instead a warm, freshly baked-to-order, Belgian-waffle-like chewy on the inside, crunchy on the outside, waffle wrapped around your chosen soft serve ice cream flavor and then topped with as many toppings as your heart desires.

Try saying that ten times fast.

Bubble waffle is a favorite Hong Kong street food and wasn’t always served with ice cream. In fact, the family-owned business added this particular spin (which is growing in insta-popularity) on their “cones” when they opened their original food truck. 

A vanilla flavored bubble waffle at Wafflecomb.

At Wafflecomb the bubble waffles come in two flavors – Chocolate and Vanilla. Riley tells us that the vanilla tends to be the more popular one, so we all order this flavor. (And I’m sorry for not testing it against the chocolate. At this point, I still wasn’t sure what I was about to eat. I kept thinking it was going to be a crunchy a-typical waffle cone type thing. Again, I’m almost embarrassed about my initial assumptions.)

They make the bubble waffles on site, fresh to order, based on a family recipe that I wish I could somehow replicate because these are the kind of waffles that I want to serve my family on a lazy Sunday morning.  But also with this soft serve ice cream and that just sounds like a lot of work to make from scratch, so instead we’re making plans to add Wafflecomb to our regular weekend treats rounds.

But the Bubble Waffle Isn’t the Only Delicious Thing On the Menu

The soft serve ice cream flavors at Wafflecomb are superb.

We don’t have a shortage of ice cream choices here in Santa Clarita. I actually think there are too many choices, including Golden Spoon, Menchie’s, Baskin Robbins, and Cold Stone (as well as several others). 

My biggest issue with some of these spots is that it can be overwhelming to choose between ten  and up to the famous 31 flavors of ice cream, and hundreds of flavor combinations and toppings. 

When we’ve taken the boys to many of these ice cream places, they end up becoming overwhelmed with all the choices.  

They’re not alone. This article in the New York Times discusses the phenomena of too many choices. A phenomenon known as the “paradox of choice” and suggests that when given a large number of choices (anything over seven to be exact), such as flavors in an ice cream shop, many people experience this kind of  “shut down” effect.

They may feel anxiety about all these choices, and as a result, opt for something familiar like chocolate or vanilla (or sometimes even walk out empty handed!). 

There are four flavors of ice cream at Wafflecomb, and all four are OUTSTANDING.

By choosing to keep the focus on doing a small menu very well (and still offering an excellent variety), they exceeded my best expectations. Personally, I also prefer to support a local business than a major chain establishment.

At the time of our visit, they had the flavors of chocolate, spiced pumpkin latte, taro (which is a Hawaiian sweet yam known as a yube), and strawberry.  

They keep things fresh by rotating at least one flavor each month. Last month they had matcha green tea on the menu, which they said was very popular and will likely make a repeat performance as well as an “Oreo cookie crunch.” 

Y’all. Please try the taro. It is like mild vanilla colored a light purple and so sweetly delicious.

Two out of the five of us went with the Taro. The boys were a little freaked out initially by the color and stuck with the familiar chocolate (which they gleefully inhaled). 

My husband opted for a combo of chocolate and vanilla (they also have vanilla although it wasn’t in the front of the store).


Taro flavor of soft serve in a vanilla bubble waffle.

The topping choices are perfectly complementary to the flavors. The owners have done their research about the kinds of toppings that go best with this kind of treat. A mix of mochi, marshmallows, pocky sticks, fruity pebbles, as well as classic toppings such as sprinkles, m&m’s, gummy bears, Oreo cookie crumbles, and a variety of syrup flavors. 

But again, the choices aren’t overwhelming.

Did I mention you can add as many toppings as you’d like? Because you can, and it doesn’t change the price at all.

Yes! You can have toppings!


A Brief History of Wafflecomb:

Formerly a popular food truck, owner Nicole de Las Alas opened the shop initially out of a sense of nostalgia.

Having lived in Canada for many years, the favorite Asian bubble waffle snack was common at malls her family would frequent. Riley, Nicole’s daughter, tells me that her mom wanted to provide this treat to her community because she knew how delicious it was.

The food truck was wildly successful, frequently seen at the concerts in Central Park with lines of dozens of people waiting patiently for their made-to-order bubble waffle cones. This led them to decide to open a proper store. (Yay!)

At the time of my visit, I’m told they also have tentative plans to open more shops in the Northridge valley.

The ambiance is adorably decorated, with bright color changing lights, cartoon drawings, and comfortable tables and chairs hinting at the Asian influence of the dessert treat.

My only complaint is that the location is tricky. Wafflecomb is located in the ill-designed shopping center at the corner of Bouquet and Valencia/Soledad (behind the Del Taco). Getting in and out of the parking lot especially during peak traffic times can be challenging and a bit stressful.  

But, trust when I say it’s worth it.

Wafflecomb is located at 26240 Bouquet Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA 91350.

It’s open from 12PM – 10 PM.

Waffles are priced at $7.00 and are basically the size of a meal. Cups are available too priced at $3.50.

Complimentary water is available.